CoolMini™ Offers Non-Invasive Alternative to Double Chin Removal

Canada MedLaser Clinics now offering CoolSculpting in Toronto, Mississauga and Vaughan.

CoolMini™, a smaller size version of the popular CoolSculpting device, is a non-invasive alternative to eliminate double chin and stubborn fat in the neck area. Canada MedLaser Clinics, a certified provider of CoolSculpting in Toronto, will offer this innovative procedure.

What is CoolMini™ for Double Chin Removal?

CoolMini™ uses the same technology as the original CoolSculpting device. The CoolMini™ is smaller and is more compact, allowing it to treat smaller areas of skin. Hence, it makes it an effective and long lasting treatment for double chin removal. With this new CoolSculpting option, fat cells are targeted with controlled cooling and freeze the fat cells. Once frozen, the fat cells are safely metabolized by the body without harming other cells, tissues and muscles in the body.

As the body metabolizes the frozen fat cells, the chin area becomes more defined and contoured. Initial results are typically seen within one to two cycle treatments and maximum results are achieved within in a few months. Most patients will require only one or two sessions to achieve desired results.

How does the CoolMini™ Treatment in Toronto Differ from Other Procedures

The CoolMini™ for double chin removal is a non-invasive procedure- just like topical creams and other similar treatments. However, the CoolMini™ treatment produces permanent results because the fat cells are frozen and metabolized, they will not have the chance to expand again in the way that they can with other non-invasive treatments.

Where to Get CoolSculpting and the CoolMini™ Treatment in Toronto for Double Chin Removal

Canada MedLaser Clinics is a medical aesthetic clinic supervised by medical aestheticians and registered nurses. Specialty treatments including CoolSculpting and double chin removal are available at their Toronto, Mississauga and Vaughan locations. They are a premier provider of CoolSculpting in Toronto along with other medical aesthetic and non-invasive treatments.  

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