Cornelia Ave Beerware Introduces the Ultimate Tasting Set for Craft Beers

For true beer lovers and connoisseurs, presentation is almost as important as the beer itself, and this is especially true for those who enjoy tasting home brews and craft beers. Designer Beth Kamhi has developed the Ultimate Tasting Set under the brand name Cornelia Ave Beerwarea llc® to enhance the beer tasting experience. This high end, dark bamboo wood set consists of a 16 glass rack and an 8 pack carrier, which makes it ideal for transport to your next beer tasting party.

Beth has invested months of her time researching the perfect tasting set. The wooden pieces are expertly crafted from environmentally friendly dark bamboo. The pieces are laser cut for a seamless, sophisticated look that inspires an air of elegance and refinement. After hundreds of potential design plans and prototypes, the Ultimate Tasting Set’s current version is an impeccable example of extraordinary design and immaculate construction that you will be proud to use for many years to come.

Like all great products, the Ultimate Tasting Set is not cheap to produce.  Beth Kamhi would like to put her invention into mass production, but this will cost $50,000. She has already found a trustworthy manufacturer and her design is finalized. She has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to secure the needed funds. In return for supporting this worthy project, you may receive perks like 8-pack carrier, tasting sets, or the entire Ultimate Tasting Set. 

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Company Name: Cornelia Ave Beerware
Contact Person: Beth Kamhi
Country: United States