Matt Blondell Wants To Change The Recovery Industry Forever

Matt Blondell is an experienced CEO who pioneered the modern day ‘Drug & Alcohol Rehab Extended Care Model’. Matt Blondell graduated from The University of Missouri in 1993 with a dual degree in Management and Psychology. Matt Blondell has dedicated his life to changing the world of inpatient treatment forever.  Matt Blondell believes that it is essential to treat the person and their family who live with substance abuse disorder and dual diagnosis in the community that they live in. Matt Blondell believes that the old guard of institutional treatment is out of touch and in denial regarding the effectiveness of their treatment. Matt Blondell believes that the nations prominent destination treatment model is archaic and void of providing real solutions for those who struggle. Many patients and their family members of these destination treatment centers are never provided with common sense solutions that will ultimately save their lives. City Recovery was created to address these issues and was the first gender specific Extended Care & Sober Living facility in Manhattan. City Recovery specializes in treating people with substance abuse disorder, City Recovery specializes in treating those with complex dual diagnosis issues.

Matt Blondell has worked with some of the most complex cases of individuals suffering from substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Matt Blondell created and self-funded Manhattan’s first independent four bed Extended Care Residential Recovery program in NYC. City Recovery was the first program of its kind that focused on the clients and families’ needs within the community that they live. Matt Blondell’s primary goal was to address the deep flaws in the institutional treatment of addiction and eradicate the aspects of failed methods in an effort to change a client’s chances at success in overcoming addiction.

Matt Blondell has led City Recovery for the last 10 years successfully with no outside investors and is the only treatment provider in New York with perfect 10 year safety record. City Recovery’s focus has been to provide the highest level of care to those living with substance abuse disorder and complex mental health diagnosis.

Matt Blondell has always been clear when stating that his primary goal is to “Change the recovery industry forever”.  This mission is found on the first page of every City Recovery manual, handbook and company document since the very first business day of New York operations in the fall of 2009.

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