Introducing the Buck50Ent Record Label by Gee-Dubs

Buck50Ent by “Gee-Dubs”, is an independent record label that was launched in 2004 following a construction accident that left Dubs with 150 stitches and a scar. Based in Camden, New Jersey, Buck50Entertainment hopes to put Camden on the hip-hop map and create opportunities for anyone who wants to turn their life around.

The construction accident would serve as a reminder for Dubs that he hadn’t left a mark in his life yet. Knowing the number of individuals who don’t take advantage of their opportunities, Dubs is looking to start a non-profit organization called Operation: Give-Back which aims to assist children, ex-felons, and those who lack opportunities to progress in life. This project helps these individuals by teaching them the heavy concrete construction and demolition trade to get them into the workforce.

The name Buck50Ent originated from the term “buck 50” which is a scar across the face or neck. Dubs’ injury has prompted him on his initiative as he understands that opportunities can be taken away at an instant. In a similar way, opportunities can be created and given to those who, like Dubs, want to leave a mark in their life.

Buck50Entertainment’s trademark is ransom notes. These are handmade notes which are given out by Gee-dubs and his crew. Dubs is consistently releasing new music as his record label continues to grow.

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