Very Important Puppets, the world’s only satirical, politically-incorrect digital assistants, launches on Indiegogo

VIPs hope to raise $15,000 to bring A.I.-powered conversational devices to widespread consumer market

Very Important Puppets are a hilarious intersection of media, technology, and political satire. Stream music, set alarms, send voice pranks, order food, and have a conversation with caricatures of real-life figures. Puppets can also engage with each other, indefinitely, in a ping pong-like conversation, exchanging commentary, questions, and insults. Unlike Alexa, Siri, or Google Home, VIPs are humorous, and are personality-based with distinct voices and word choices modeled from real people. Rather than being scripted by corporate employees, VIP dialog is continually extracted from public sources, such as Twitter feeds and interviews, and intelligently woven into common home and digital assistant speech. The result is a continuously entertaining assistant.

VIPs is utilizing crowdsourcing to help bring Very Important Puppets to the world at Indiegogo:

VIPs’ flagship products are Mr. President, Comrade, and Dear Leader. The devices are designer toy collectibles, affixed on speakerphone podiums. The podiums are MP3-players with built in microphone and rechargeable batteries, which connect to a smartphone via bluetooth. Users interact with the puppet, while a beautiful-designed app offers added controls and personalization features. Very Important Puppets is in talks to expand the line to other personalities, including musicians.

The VIP team recognized a consumer dissatisfaction with current digital assistants, being very generic and robotic. So the team developed their dark horse technology: a natural language generation algorithm, which adds a stylized voice-to-text based on a personality profile. The team plans to apply this technology to enterprise businesses with consumer-facing bots.

Very Important Puppets is an artificial intelligence startup based in Toronto and New York City. The international team at VIP consists of 12 design, computational linguistics, and engineering specialists with an average of 10 years in work experience. The VIP team members have a strong design and manufacturing background and have brought dozens of products to market. Very Important Puppets has numerous copyright, patent, and trademark filings.

Technology enthusiasts, politics junkies, toy collectors, and your mother-in-law can now pre-order the world´s first smart satirical speakers at USD 50 at our Indiegogo campaign link:


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