Paola Paulin – A Versatile and Talented Actress and Model Creating a Difference by Helping, Inspiring and Empowering Others

LOS ANGELES – Paola Paulin is a highly versatile and talented actress and model who proudly represents Latinos in Hollywood and women in the workplace. Being born in Mexico and raised in Medellin, Colombia, she has a fresh face and impressive talents not to mention her strong and very empowering character.

Just like other aiming to achieve their biggest dreams, Paola Paulin also dreams of landing huge roles, get multiple nominations and win an Oscar. And it seems that the universe is working on her favor. She has been blessed with many opportunities, including modeling for BeBe Sport, L’Oreal, Kohl’s, Bon-Ton, and Skechers and working as one of the leading actresses on the HBO TV Series, Ballers in the role of Michelle.

She has a new movie coming out in January 2019, called “The Tax Collector,” starring Shia La Beouf, the actor from Transformers and this film will be directed by David Ayer who happens to be one of the most influential directors in Hollywood. He also wrote and directed Training Day, Suicide Squad, and a number of other popular movies.

Paola Paulin was also part of the cast of Protagonist, a short film written and directed by Alec Roth and his father, Eric Roth, the Oscar-winning writer for the movie Forrest Gump.

Despite being scared and being overwhelmed by the risks and problems she may encounter, her passion and desire to chase and pursue her dream of modeling and acting have served as her driving force to fill the spot open for a new Latino in Hollywood and tried her best to set an example for others with her career and personal lifestyle.

Aside from being a famous actress and model, the most important thing for her is becoming a hero and inspiring other Latinos, especially women and immigrants, to reach for their dreams and go after their goals. Paola Paulin believed that there are very few powerful Latino voices in Hollywood just yet and she genuinely thinks it matters a lot for the Latino people to have representation on screen and feel relevant and essential. This is where her determination is rooting from.

She, therefore, worked with a lot of consistency, discipline, and faith and she wanted to inspire and empower many other Latino girls out there to also reach for their dreams, but in order to do that, they need to know that this dream is alive.

There are things that make Paola Paulin uniquely different from the rest. She has a huge heart,and she passionately cares about other people more than herself. She values her own career success of course, but she would feel even happier and more successful if she was able to inspire people to go after their dream and live the life that they wanted. Paola Paulin is disciplined, focused, and passionate.  She tries to spread positivity and light whenever possible and hopes that through her art, she can help  create a significant and positive difference in the world. She wants to make people smile and be happy.

Paola Paulin wants immigrants to feel included and the women to have the opportunity to let their work speak for itself and feel empowered. She wants them to have a voice.

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