Liquid Biopsy Market is projected to surpass US$ 3.4 Billion by 2024

“Liquid Biopsy Market is projected to exceed US$ 3.4 Billion by 2024.”
Renub Research report titled “Liquid Biopsy Market, Global Analysis by Cancer (Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer & Others), Product (Kits & Consumables, Instruments and Services), Circulating Biomarkers (Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) & Exosomes), Sample (Plasma/Serum, Urine & Others), Clinical Application (Monitoring, Prognosis, Theranostics & Screening), Companies” provides a complete analysis of Global Liquid Biopsy Market.

Liquid Biopsy is a non-invasive technology which is used in the detection of molecular biomarkers without the need for invasive or costly surgical procedures. Liquid Biopsy is a simple and an alternative method to surgical biopsies which helps physicians to discover a range of information about a tumor or a disease through a simple blood, urine, saliva or cerebrospinal fluids sample. Circulating cancer cells or traces of the cancer’s DNA or DNA in the fluid sample can give indication about the treatments that a patient likely to need. Liquid Biopsy Market is projected to surpass US$ 3.4 Billion by the end of year 2024.

Increasing Cancer Incidences

On an estimate nearly 14.1 million people suffered from cancer around the world in 2012, of which 7.4 million were men and 6.7 million women. The incidence of cancer seems to be increasing with increasing per capita income. Asia, Europe and Americas are some of the regions where highest incidences of cancer occur. Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Breast Cancer are among the most prevalent types of cancer worldwide.


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Due to the rising prevalence of cancer and the complexity of cancer’s treatment, demand for liquid biopsy test is increasing more rapidly during the patient’s care than ever before. The liquid biopsy test is basically the analysis of various analytes, namely Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA), Extracellular Vesicles (Exosomes), miRNA, mRNA and Proteins. Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) have been the most analyzed and commercially developed medical technologies amongst these analytes.

Use of Liquid Biopsy in Oncology

In regards to both cancer diagnosis and its treatment, liquid biopsy is one of the most significant techniques. Personalized or precision medicine is one of the categories in oncology care which focuses more on a patient’s genetic profile to target their cancer. Regrettably, all cancers are not same and so, one treatment for all – ‘One Size Fits All’ may cause more harm than anything good. Using a liquid biopsy can help determine whether the ongoing treatment is effective or not. 


Cancerous tumors can be stony by the treatment in the past. Acquired resistance is one of the major obstructions in eliminating cancer using drugs and treatments like radiation, which have huge side effects. These treatment resistances can easily be detected using a liquid biopsy test. Using precision medicine such as genetic mutations (ctDNA), is a process which can limit the associated dangers of such treatments.

These days, patient’s cancer treatment is shifting from non-specific, cytotoxic chemotherapy to more specific, targeted therapies or immunotherapy; which focus more on the precise genetic characteristics of the patients that are identified either by liquid biopsy or tissue methods earlier to or during the cancer therapy.

Also, companies around the world plan to develop more affordable fluids based (liquid biopsy) cancer screening tests to detect cancer in early stages. With the recent advancement in medical science, it is expected that liquid biopsy tests will become cost-efficient and will certainly exert liquid biopsy market to grow further in the near future.


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Global Liquid Biopsy Market Summary 

  • Lung Cancer Controls the Liquid Biopsy Market. On the basis of cancer segments report studies the market of Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer & Others.
  • Based on product type 90% of liquid biopsy market is comprised by kits & Consumables and Instruments. The covers the market of Kits & consumables, Instruments and Services.
  • On the basis of Clinical Application Screening Purpose controls the Liquid Biopsy Market. The study provides the data on the following segments Monitoring, Prognosis, Theranostics & Screening.
  • Region-wise Europe and North America is expected to drive the Global Liquid Biopsy Market. Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East/Africa Liquid Biopsy Markets are also studied in the report.
  • On the basis of Sample Plasma/Serum accounts for the highest market compared to Urine and Others. 
  • The report studies the liquid biopsy market by Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) & Exosomes.
  • The competitive landscape of the market has also been examined with some of the key players being Qiagen, Roche Diagnostics, Myriad Genetics, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Genomic Health, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., NeoGenomics Laboratories, Biocartis and Biocept Inc.,  


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Key Topics Covered :

1. Executive Summary

2. Global – Liquid Biopsy Market

3. Market Share – Global Liquid Biopsy

3.1 By Region
3.2 By Cancer
3.3 By Product
3.4 By Circulating Biomarkers

4. Region – Liquid Biopsy Market

4.1 North America
4.2 Europe
4.3 Asia-Pacific
4.4 Latin America
4.5 Middle East & Africa

5. Cancer – Liquid Biopsy Market

5.1 Lung Cancer
5.2 Breast Cancer
5.3 Colorectal Cancer
5.4 Prostate Cancer
5.5 Others

6. By Product – Liquid Biopsy Market

6.1 Kits & Consumables
6.2 Instruments
6.3 Services

7. Circulating Biomarkers – Liquid Biopsy Market

7.1 Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
7.2 Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA)
7.3 Exosomes

8. By Clinical Application – Liquid Biopsy Market

8.1 Monitoring
8.2 Prognosis
8.3 Theranostics
8.4 Screening

9. By Sample – Liquid Biopsy Market

9.1 Plasma / Serum
9.2 Urine
9.3 Others

10. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc – Company Analysis

10.1 Product Portfolio

11 Roche Diagnostics – Company Analysis

11.1 Product Portfolio

12. Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc – Company Analysis

12.1 Product Portfolio

13. Biocept, Inc. – Company Analysis

13.1 Product Portfolio
13.2 Financial Insight

14. Biocartis – Company Analysis

14.1 Product Portfolio
14.2 Financial Insight

15. Myriad Genetics, Inc – Company Analysis

15.1 Product Portfolio
15.2 Financial Insight

16. Genomic Health – Company Analysis

16.1 Product Portfolio
16.2 Financial Insight

17. NeoGenomics Laboratories – Company Analysis

17.1 Product Portfolio
17.2 Financial Insight

18. Qiagen – Company Analysis

18.1 Product Portfolio
18.2 Financial Insight

19. Growth Drivers

19.1 Real-Time Evaluation, Convenient and Accuracy
19.2 Increasing Demand for Minimally-Invasive Biopsy Techniques
19.3 Technical Advancement & Personalized Therapies

20. Challenges

20.1 Barriers for Liquid Biopsies
20.2 High Cost with Uncertain or Limited Reimbursement for Liquid Biopsy


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