Acclaimed Gospel Recording Artist tackles the Bullying Menace with her New Book

Lansing, Michigan, USA. December 02, 2014 – Lansing, Michigan based acclaimed Gospel Recording Artist and author, Gloria Jones, has announced the launch of her second book, “Bullying: Problems – Solutions & Statistics”, which is a Non-Fiction work released under the Self-Help genre. The book is being considered to be a soul stirring read as it showcases the psychological and physical abuse that the author went through at the hands of bullies during her school years, and how her case is not an aberration but more commonplace than one would like to believe. From the detailed analysis of bullying as a phenomenon to discussing the solutions and statistics, the author helps her readers understand the bullying problem, and then showcases how to deal with it.

Released under the banner of Bell Time & Jones Book Publishing, Gloria Jones’ “Bullying: Problems – Solutions & Statistics”, is a 61 pages book that is available in print for $13.93, and also in Kindle ebook format on Amazon Kindle Bookstore and can be bought for just $8.99. With early reviews confirming the book to be worth its price, it can be bought and directly downloaded to any Kindle, tablet, cell phone, laptop or computer from the following URL:

“It is a sad fact that I grew up having my hair pulled, being hit in my back and threatened to be beaten up by the bullies in my school. It made me extremely upset and I lost focus. I even came to a conclusion that I hated school. My personal experiences and what I have learned about tackling the bullies are the essence of this new book of mine,” says Gloria Jones, the author of the book. “Fact is, I did not give up. I chose to fight for myself and reclaim my individuality, dignity and my life, while speaking against the bullies, who think of themselves as superiors but are, in fact, sour losers. This book evolved from the story of my private struggle and the freedom I achieved by being courageous and having the will to fight for my rights.”

The book is a true reflection of the author’s amazingly brave and true journey on her path to become the enduring survivor that she is today. The author has shared her own private struggle against bullying, which is a very personal experience, and the immense learning that she has drawn from her experiences, which she has used as the premise of her book, “Bullying: Problems – Solutions & Statistics.”

“What still comes to me as shocking is the revelation that there exist hundreds of those who choose to silently endure such ordeal and abuse and do not fight against it. I am saddened by the failure of the system to do away with this societal menace, and since the system can’t do it for us, it is for us to do it for ourselves and retain the essence of the human spirit by fighting for our survival,” speaking on the inspiration for her new book, the author says. “My quest for saving my dignity has resulted in my achieving what I never thought was possible for myself. This book is very dear to my heart. I sincerely hope that it will be able to help others facing similar predicament as myself and enable them to find the will to fight and survive.”

The author experienced being severely bullied during her school days, and has now decided to help victims of bullying by sharing the knowledge she acquired through her research and personal experience. With an aim to share the wisdom she gained from this private journey with her readers, Author Gloria Jones has penned this deeply inspiring book, which is expected to be of particular interest to teenage boys and girls, high school and college kids and their young and middle aged parents, many of whom might be searching for encouragement and inspiration in their lives to be able to stand up to and fight against the bullying menace.

“When you are brave enough to face the bullies and have the courage to stand up for yourself and fight for what is right, that’s when you have the power to transform your life,” the author concluded. “Thankfully, I had the courage to fight and I discovered that bullies are extremely shallow people with lots of insecurities and no inner strength. I wrote this book with a hope of raising awareness about this global issue and to reach out to those affected by it and encourage them to stand up for themselves.”

Being touted as one of the immensely thought provoking and deeply inspiring books released in recent months, “Bullying: Problems – Solutions & Statistics”, by Gloria Jones the book is also expected to find favor with educators, school teachers and principals, news media, crime stoppers, parole officers, court system employees and law enforcement officers as reliable reference material.

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About Author Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones is the Author of several books. She is also a professional gospel recording artist. Gloria was born in Camden, Alabama, September 30, 1964, and moved to Lansing, Michigan in 1968, where she currently resides.

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