ADE Chain was Highly Praised by CCTV and Conintime, and It Deducts the Substantiation of Blockchain.

During the three days, ADE participated in three blockchain conferences, and was interviewed by more than ten TV media, and more than 100 blockchain media. The ADE cross-border social e-commerce chain wrapped up successfully in Shijiazhuang 2018 International Digital Economy Expo on Sept. 22, 2018. ADE chain, together with its strategic partner UNIPLAZA, distribute exquisite gifts to the VIPs of the exhibition hall, and draw a successful conclusion to the wonderful exhibition of ADE Chain for the global market.

2018 International Digital Economy Expo provides a platform for global blockchain elites to communicate and learn from each other. Experts of blockchain speak freely with the theme of “Digital Economy Leads the Future”. Cross-border social-commerce, as the next new field project of the new real economy, has become the focus of the conference.

As the pioneer of the global cross-border social e-commerce chain, the ADE chain is also the top application of blockchain technology in the field of cross-border social e-commerce, and was invited to participate in several blockchain forums and interviewed by lots of media including CCTV.

How does the ADE chain become the focus on the blockchain application? Let’s take a look back at ADE chain’s performance in International Digital Economy Expo over the past three days. 

Sept. 20, 2018 – The exhibition area with 136 square meters was crowded. CCTV had an exclusive interview with Ms. Anny Kim.

On the first day of International Digital Economy Expo, the exhibition area with 136 square meters located in the center of the blockchain zone was crowded. In addition to a large number of visitors, experts of the global blockchain, and many leaders of social e-commerce, many media and investors also appeared in the ADE chain pavilion.

From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Ms. Anny Kim, founder of ADE Chain and founder of Youmile Uniplaza, as a cross-border social-commerce industry representative, received a special interview with CCTV and onintime. 

Sept. 21, 2018 – Ms. Anny Kim shares the platform with experts of global blockchain to discuss the future of blockchain industry.

At the blockchain the roundtable forum on Sept. 21, 2018, the focus of the International Digital Economy Expo, blockchain experts from 22 countries around the world delivered speeches on the stage.

Ms. Anny Kim, founder of ADE Chain and the representative of global cross-border social e-commerce, together with Qiao Qi, founding partner of Federal Reserve Investment Management Co., Ltd., Cai Xiaowen, founder of Mac’s bottom ecological development platform, and Yu Jianing, director of the blockchain industry white paper editorial board, Zhao Wei, founder of Fushun Technology and other blockchain elites attended the roundtable forum of 2018 International Blockchain Industry Conference.

In the afternoon, as a global cross-border social-commerce representative, Ms. Anny Kim attended the roundtable forum, where she gave a speech explaining the ADE chain and Uniplaza business model. At the end of the speech, Ms. Anny Kim and her friend Larry H.P. Lang, a well-known scholar conducted an in-depth discussion on the argument that “social e-commerce is the new real economy”.


As the world’s first cross-border social e-commerce chain, the ADE chain has matured applications in the cross-border social e-commerce head application. In his personal speech and the roundtable forum, Lang Xianping gave a very high evaluation of the new business model of the Uniplaza and ADE chain in the field of cross-border social e-commerce.


Sept. 21, 2018 – The ADE Chain Won the Annual Emerging Award of Blockchain Industry, Ms. Anny Kim was interviewed by People’s Daily.

On the last day of the International Digital Economy Expo, in the CCTV Focus Blockchain, the ADE chain won the “The Annual Emerging Award of Blockchain Industry” issued by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Committee and CCTV. This award is not only the recognition of the ADE chain by the Chinese e-commerce industry and the blockchain industry, but also the recognition of the Chinese economy for the future of social e-commerce.


After the award, Ms. Anny Kim, as the founder of the ADE chain, was interviewed by People’s Daily to carefully explained the impact of the ADE chain on the social e-commerce industry. In the future, ADE chain will assume greater social responsibilities and advance together with the Chinese social e-commerce industry to promote the development of the global social e-commerce market. 

ADE Chain, together with Uniplaza, looks back to the past and moves forward confidently!

In order to promote cross-border social e-commerce to the global market and solve the drawbacks of traditional social e-commerce, ADE chain uses the unique innovation of blockchain in the field of cross-border social e-commerce with brand-new system solutions to solve the problems of logistics, language, social networks, and user trust in traditional social e-commerce in the face of global markets.

As the first mature application platform of ADE chain in the global cross-border social e-commerce market and the pioneer of cross-border social e-commerce, Uniplaza has established a long-term cooperative relationship with ADE chain and has been working together to promote the globalization of social e-commerce.

The ADE chain is working with Uniplaza not only at this International Digital Economy Expo, but also in the future, to create the ADE chain and Uniplaza’s global cross-border social ecosystem.

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