Peculium announces the launch of ICO 2.0. The phase, started on 27 August 2018, will go on for a month.

This series of fundraising comes with attractive bonuses for investors

PARIS, FRANCE – Sep 28, 2018 Peculium, the company to launch the first Artificial Intelligence product on the blockchain aimed at forecasting the movements of cryptocurrencies, has launched its second phase of ICO. The phase, started on 27 August 2018, will go on for a month. The funds raised during the ICO would be utilized towards launching efficient products, optimizing the operations, and procuring machinery, including a supercomputer.

Peculium has been known to launch outstanding products ahead of schedule. This has been made possible by an experienced team of Data Scientists, an expert management, and a dedicated team with a knowhow about ICOs. The products, Singulus, Alterius, and Solidus are smart contracts with a varying degree of autonomy and customization. AIEVE, the engine that powers these smart contracts, works on the blockchain using state-of-the-art Automated Machine Learning (AML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). There are three versions of AIEVE that would power these smart contract – AskEVE, MyEVE, and BeliEVE.

The cryptomarket has experienced the worst of the uncertainties recently. Taking into account the regulatory uncertainties, and the nature of the market, these uncertainties may continue for a while. Peculium offers a crypto investor a range of products that will help the investor safeguard his investments. AIEVE has already proven her prowess by consistently making profits by anticipating the movements of the cryptocurrencies.

Currently, users have access to AskEVE version of AIEVE and Singulus smart contracts. Peculium is also in the process of launching the beta version of BeliEVE – the fully automated version of AIEVE that will invest on the behalf of the investor. There would also be a contest where you would have a chance to win half of the profits made by AIEVE during the contest period.

More details about it can be found on the website

The ICO is aimed at raising up to Euro 20 M by a token sale of 4.25B. You can invest in the ICO with a minimum investment of EURO 50. More details about the ICO will be available on the Peculium Blog.

This is a chance to grow with a company that is lead by visionaries, has fundamentally strong products, and a dedicated team of experts who are working hard to release better products. So, join the ICO today by purchasing tokens at

Peculium is a crypto savings platform with products aiming at safeguarding and nurturing your crypto investments.

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