Blockchain + finance’s next technology “leader” – All-round Ecological Token

The red dot of Bitcoin triggered the explosion of the global virtual digital currency, and the underlying technical support – the blockchain gradually entered the people’s field of vision.

Unfortunately, although blockchain technology has been around for 20 years, the digital financial application is still in the following situation: the general underlying platform is lacking, the performance is imperfect, the compatibility is insufficient, and the transaction speed is slow.

The entire blockchain financial industry is in urgent need of killer technology to make up for the lack of functionality.

Almighty Ecology, referred to as ARET, as a basic public chain for the financial sector, dedicated to the digital currency and the physical world of payment applications, combined with its own high-performance public chain to provide a strong infrastructure for the digital currency field, promote digital The application and development of money.

The All-round Ecological Token was developed by Almighty Eco Token Network Technology Co., Ltd.  The entire project is internationalized and plans to set up a large number of network nodes in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, China and other regions to establish volunteer communities and publicity organizations.  The team is committed to ARET technology practice. Based on the all-round ecological order, all kinds of financial business will be able to develop and land conveniently and quickly. According to the real business needs of the financial industry, we will continue to implement subversive innovation at the technical level.


In the whole system of the omnipotent ecological blockchain, a large number of public encryption algorithms are used, such as the Merkle Tree hash tree algorithm, the elliptic curve algorithm, the SHA-256 hash algorithm, the symmetric encryption algorithm, and some coding algorithms, such as BASE58 coding, VarInt encoding, DER encoding, etc.

Consensus algorithm improvement

The omnipotent ecology makes the invention of the consensus algorithm often stems from the optimization of the energy consumption of the workload and the resistance to mining of professional mining machines. Many people are looking for any node (through) GPU or CPU, which is a calculator.) can participate in the entire network mining method.  Almighty Ecology has invented its own mining algorithm to counter the mining of professional chips, while running the entire blockchain network with the pow+pos mechanism.

Phase 1: Committed to providing a smart contract platform for highly available UTXO-compliant POS mechanisms for different industries.  The UTXO model is a very core part of the Bitcoin network. The code has high maturity and is compatible with the UTXO model. It not only absorbs other developers and existing development tools of the Bitcoin ecosystem, but also has better security.

The second stage: more is designed for future private network or alliance chain network based on the all-round ecological system, whether we can use the follow-up consensus protocol evolution of the all-round ecological order, we will make further exploration. The system will upgrade and improve the POS formula algorithm, gradually eliminating various potential attacks against the POS protocol (for example: currency age attacks, POS nodes are all offline, pre-calculated hash value attacks, etc.).  In the simulation of the second phase of the consensus agreement, the design goal is: block time 250 milliseconds, confirmation time: 750 milliseconds to 3 seconds.

Side chain technology

The so-called “side chain” (also known as the wedge is the side chain) is relative to the main chain and is another block chain parallel to the main chain.  They establish a relationship through Two-Way Pegging to achieve a two-way transfer of value between the main chain and the side chain.

The core of the sidechain technology is to establish a bridge with the main chain.  According to the wedge implementation, the all-round ecology uses two-way wedge and joint wedge design.

Compatibility design

Bitcoin network and Ethereum network compatibility

The Bitcoin network ecosystem is currently the largest ecosystem of blockchain technology. Based on the network effect and the Matthew Effect, we have reason to believe that the Bitcoin ecosystem will be further expanded and improved. Higher code maturity and more developers.  At the beginning of the design, the omnipotent ecology tries to maintain compatibility with the Bitcoin system, such as the UTXO transaction model and the same transaction data structure. This also provides technical support for the BIP protocol of Bitcoin in the future. The possibility.  Therefore, the all-round ecosystem is compatible with most of the BIP protocols.

For the first time, Ethereum has transformed the concept of smart contracts from theory to reality, thus expanding the boundaries of blockchain technology. Although Ethereum virtual machines have many improvements, EVM is the only tested intelligence so far. Contract virtual machines, so maintaining compatibility with EVM is very important.

In order to better be compatible with the acceptance and transaction convenience of future digital assets, the all-round ecosystem will make the virtual machine compatible with EVM. All the smart contracts developed on the Ethereum platform can also run on the all-round ecological platform.

In this blockchain + financial development technology journey, innovation is the only rule that can stand in an invincible position in the market.  Blockchain technology innovation has never stopped, and no one has stopped. All we can do is to continue to learn, adapt, and participate, otherwise we will be left in this fast-changing world.

This also shows that if the ARET itself is stagnant, there will naturally be a subversive project. The market will continue to have new technologies and designs, providing solutions to the difficulties and bottlenecks that currently plague the public.  Because we must constantly innovate, constantly adapt to market demand, and be in line with the blockchain era, we can truly adapt to the digital age of this change.

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