The Rideshare Guide Project Launches New Website To Educate And Inform

Lafayette, CO – The RideshareGuide is a new and innovative online business with a two-pronged mission. First to provide meaningful answers to people who are considering driving for Uber and Lyft and have questions; and second, to teach new and existing rideshare drivers how to maximize their take home pay.

Many people are attempting to increase their income by driving for Uber and Lyft, but they may not be aware of the best strategies for taking full advantage of the opportunity. The RideshareGuide steps into that void and provides the “how to” information that the rideshare companies are unable to furnish due to contract law.

The RideshareGuide is a passion project of Lyft and Uber driving expert Wylee Post. He became an Uber driver just to pay his bills, but he approached the rideshare opportunity as a professional opening a new business. With his data analyst background, he spent months analyzing the best ways to increase his earnings and most efficiently run his rideshare business.

After thousands of completed rides and extensive analysis, Wylee captured his rideshare knowledge in two non-fiction books on rideshare driving. The Art of Rideshare Driving provides a step-by-step process for operating a successful rideshare business. The Science of Rideshare Driving details the numbers side of driving for Uber or Lyft and provides an easy way to calculate take-home pay after accounting for all expenses.

Wylee makes simple sense of the ever-changing rideshare market place in his Accidental Rideshare Expert Blog where he regularly provides meaningful insights into the rapidly evolving rideshare phenomena along with insider tips to help new and existing drivers increase their income.

“I knew that Uber provided the perfect opportunity to generate a good income, but as with any business, there were good and bad strategies to follow,” said Wylee Post. “I made many mistakes growing my business, but I viewed them as learning opportunities. I realized that other people would be facing similar issues to myself, and I decided to write my books and create the RideshareGuide.”

The RideshareGuide provides meaningful answers to all Lyft and Uber driver questions. Pre, new, and existing drivers can find free resources and mentoring programs designed to help them take full advantage of the rideshare opportunity.

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