New York Based Gauntlet Funding Explains Hard Money Loans

New York, NY – Private funding group Gauntlet Funding is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals who specialize in direct private lending and distressed asset financing. According to spokesperson Lou Forino, the company frequently receives inquiries on the topic of hard money lending:

“People often ask what exactly a hard money loan is, and if it’s a good option to help fund their investment. In our opinion, a hard money loan is a viable option for real estate investors who are in the market for, say, a fixer-upper or a rental property.”

Forino explains that private money loans are often provided to real estate investors by a hard money lender:

“It’s what we call asset-based loan financing.  The borrower, or the real estate investor, obtains the necessary funds that are held by the value of the parcel of real estate. And it can be a great option for the borrower because it usually closes much faster than a conventional bank loan.”

According to Forino, for anyone wishing to invest in real estate, a hard money lender can offer some tremendous opportunities to maximize their cash on cash returns. Investors have to make an application and go through the lender’s process to ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements. The property in question will be appraised, and an after-repair-value (ARV) assigned, in order to give the lender an idea of the overall risk. At that point, if the property meets all the requirements, the hard money lender will fund the loan.

“The entire process for a hard money loan takes us about seven to ten business days from start to finish. We get the job done faster than our competitors because we have a special team of hard money operations analysts. And they are always available to answer questions!”

Gauntlet Funding offers a number of advantages over more traditional hard money lenders. With revolutionary programs and state-of-the-art resources, the company has gained a stellar reputation for offering straightforward rates and terms.

“We offer some of the lowest rates around,” concludes Forino. “And we’re well known for our exceptional customer service. We’ll be with you every step of the way!”

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A New York-based private funding group, Gauntlet Funding offers a variety of revolutionary private lending and distressed asset financing programs.

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