Pop Stars In Embarrassing Situations And Other Funny Clips

Discombobulus highlights some of their embarrassing moments like funny faces, awkward moves and impulsive acts that they don’t want the rest of the world to see.

Announcing Discombobulus, a new and unique place to find funny videos and viral clips. The strictly video site catalogs celebrities caught in embarrassing situations, but there are also funny animal and people videos. More than just poking fun at celebrities, animals and ordinary people, Discombobulus pokes fun at political figures and potentially explosive current affairs. Videos are less than two minutes long, which makes for easy and entertaining viewing.

“As much as we love celebrities, we can’t help but relish their embarrassment when they’re caught on camera doing something stupid,” says Brent Ashwood of Discombobulus. “They love the spotlight, so why should they have it only when they’re looking good or doing something stellar.” According to Ashwood, the small team has to dig deep to find humor in everyday events because Discombobulus is about more than just celebrities. They’re always on the lookout to capture light and intense moments to bring them to the eager audience.

Jim Brocken us a huge fan, “I’m particularly enamored by the political satire. I love it how the artists put a funny spin on known political figures and events. I participate in a lot of public forums that revolve around politics and it could get heated at times. I’ve found that sharing these videos lightens the mood and diffuses explosive debates that sometimes arise. Shortly after posting the videos, everyone loosens up and begin sharing the videos themselves. It goes to show that people can still laugh at themselves and others – even in the midst of serious, life-altering discussions. I’m thankful for Discombobulus for providing such a platform.”

Since its launch early this year, Discombobulus managed to catalog an expansive list of videos discombobulized for viewers’ pleasure. The community-centered site makes it easy for users to share and rate the videos with their own communities. Everyday events, the upcoming political battle, award season and continuous celebrity shortfalls will provide fodder for a lot more discombobulized videos in the near future. Users can subscribe to Tumblr for a hands-free way to get their daily dose of hysterics or check out the site daily for new videos. Discombobulus is also available on several social media platforms like YouTube, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Visit them online to check out the funny celebrity videos.

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