Trix, a new magazine for globally minded women, launches on Kickstarter

The New Print Publication Hosts Fundraising and Media Event in Lower Manhattan on November 2, 2018

Trix, a print and digital magazine and events business that offers a different perspective on how women are represented in media, has launched on Kickstarter. In contrast to the vast majority of other women’s magazines which focus on improving their readers’ lives through beauty, fashion and self-help tips, Trix profiles stories about women who are defining success on their own terms. The magazine’s ultimate goal is to use the power of storytelling to connect communities of strong and diverse women around the world who break boundaries, learn from each other and be true to themselves.

“Women today are doing so much more with their lives than focusing on appearance — and we should expect more than beauty tips from today’s top women’s magazines to inspire ambition, deeper learning and curiosity,” said Jess Weiss, co-founder and publisher of Trix. “Trix is the first print magazine in America that will exclusively deliver stories of inspiration – extreme travel adventures, entrepreneurship, failure and recovery, science and psychological discovery – all meant to inspire and relate to women navigating personal and professional steps today.”

Scheduled for release in first half of 2019, the quarterly and internationally distributed print and digital magazine will feature both short- and long-form content, including:

  • Quality, bite-sized content profiling women who push the limits of their expression in literature, film, business, politics, sports, music and entertainment.
  • Practical life hacks and quality features for today’s modern women that go beyond love and looks, including everything from an athlete’s tips for longevity to op-eds from women thought leaders commenting on pressing global issues.
  • Regular columns like “Herstory” profiling untold stories of women in history and “He Said,” providing a male-authored perspectives on complex gender topics all of us are grappling with.
  • Long-form features on global affairs, design, travel, health & wellness, science & biology, business & leadership and real-world change-makers across a variety of industries, lifestyles, social dynamics and environments.

In a single issue youre going to read about everything from how the #MeToo movement is impacting third-world countries to the evolutionary biology behind toxic female competitiveness and the best ways to turn it on its head, said Carly Schwartz, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Trix. “This magazine is for all of us – mothers, singles, CEOs, interns, the red, the blue and the in-between. We want to profile women from any walk of life we can find because we know that they have a story that the rest of womankind, and mankind, can learn from.”

Marquee features will include entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, financiers, teachers, artists, academics, athletes, and explorers.

Weve started this initial grassroots fundraising effort specifically to cover the costs of our first issue. Were also looking for angel investors who want more of an ongoing role in how the magazine comes to life, said Angela Altus, partner and creative director for Trix. “Once our inaugural issue is off the ground well be relying on a hybrid revenue model that includes both digital and print content, sponsored content, ticketed Trix events, and paid subscriptions both to our magazine and private Slack community to continue the journey. Well also be looking for influencer partnerships to spread the word about Trix across social media channels in communities around the world.

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign will conclude on November 17th, 2018. Visit the campaign to become a reader and supporter today.

About Trix:

Trix magazine is a collection of substantive stories for globally minded women across generations. Trix celebrates women defining success on their own terms. We are anti-perfectionist and pro-grit, creating content that will connect a community of strong women all over the world. Our stories spark curiosity, elevate female voices and role models and explore the range of complex issues facing women of our time. In the spirit of cultivating a global community, we’ll also host a number of live events for women to connect, share their experiences and explore questions they’re facing, bringing our stories off the page and into everyday life.

-Trix: A Latin suffix forming feminine agent nouns corresponding to masculine nouns ending in -tor (aviator and editor become aviatrix and editrix respectively).

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