Becoming a Leading World Expert in Semiconductor Testing Technology

The bustling Times Square in New York is known as “the crossroad of the world”. Located in the center of New York Time Square, the Nasdaq Advertising Screen is not only the landmark of Times Square, but also an international arena for displaying information. On October 17, 2018 (Beijing time), a giant photo of Mr. Chuanjun Zheng, the winner of the 2018 China Electronics Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation Award — the R&D director of Shanghai Macrotest Semiconductor, Inc., appeared on Nasdaq Advertising Screen to show the talented Chinese technologists to the world. 

As a prestigious expert in semiconductor integrated circuit testing technology in China, Mr. Chuanjun Zheng has developed a number of integrated circuit test technology and equipment, especially the multi-task concurrent testing technology, which can be applied to the testing equipment to shorten the testing time for the semiconductor components, improve the testing precision, and lower the testing costs, so that the quality of consumer electronics can be improved greatly. By virtue of this innovative technology, Mr. Chuanjun Zheng won the 2018 China Electronics Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation Award, ranking among the top technologists in China and even the world.

Mr. Chuanjun Zheng has become a role model in promoting the growth of the industry based on his excellent acumen and strong research capabilities. Appearing on Nasdaq Advertising Screen was a recognition of Mr. Chuanjun Zheng’s talent in the field. “Appearing on Nasdaq Advertising Screen indicates that my research results are recognized and are going to the world. I will make greater efforts to provide more advanced technical achievements for the electronics manufacturers to benefit the consumers.” He said in the interview.

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