Web Series “Yo Taxi!” Offers Unique Look at New York Residents through Eyes of a Taxi Driver

New York City has long been the setting of many movies, shows and books due to the vibrant culture and colorful residents. The web series “Yo Taxi!” examines the rich cultural tapestry of the city through the eyes of a Dominican taxi driver. This popular comedy series has already completed shooting all five episodes of season one and is currently preparing to shoot season two.

“Yo Taxi!” revolves around Pedro, a young Latino taxi driver, who traverses the Bronx and Uptown. His numerous encounters with some of the city’s most intriguing and entertaining characters are loosely based on show producer Joseph Cepin’s (who also plays Pedro) actual adventures as a New York cab driver. While the show is a hilarious look at Pedro and his misadventures in one of the greatest cities in the world, it is also a moving examination of Latin culture as well as New York itself. In addition to racking up numerous views, the show has also earned critical acclaim from major media outlets like RSPTunes and StreamNowTv.com.

Following the success of season one of “Yo Taxi!”, the producers are eager to make season two even more compelling and entertaining. To help make this possible, the team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $25,000. These funds will go towards filming equipment, sets, props, music, and basic sustenance for cast and crew.  A portion of these funds will also help “Yo Taxi!” enter film festivals and make submissions to television networks.  In return for supporting this worthy project, backers may receive perks like coffee mugs, digital downloads, “How to Keep Your Man in Place” or “How To Survive Your Woman” videos, show outtakes, posters, cast party invitations, extra role on the show, taxi rides with Pedro, or producer credits. 

To learn more about “Yo Taxi!” or to make a financial pledge, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2024057425/yo-taxi

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