Neraex will merge and reorganize WoToken’s international business

The development of the blockchain and the trend of reform are analyzed in an essential sense, which is a development process that is compatible with capital and integrated with various mainstream industries. In the process of R&D, the founders and successors of blockchain technology have gradually learned how to tap into the potential value of blockchain technology by combining other fields. Neraex, the world’s most well-known blockchain investment institution, is one such company. Through a series of significant investment activities in the blockchain, field it has successfully confirmed its position in the area of blockchain application. Neraex is a blockchain venture capital firm in Tokyo, Japan, and is one of the few regional venture capital authorities in Asia and around the world. At the beginning of blockchain technology, Neraex has already invested a keen interest in this technology. It has carried out a detailed analysis of the practical application scope and development trend of blockchain technology. It has drawn the most forward-looking investment conclusions and has made full efforts to invest in mergers and acquisitions in the blockchain industry.

WoToken’s intelligent application is one of the most promising application terminals in the blockchain payment industry. WoToken attaches great importance to the introduction and innovation of R&D technology. WoToken has the underlying technology of blockchains such as high-frequency quantitative trading of digital assets and intelligent hedging transactions and is also able to participate in the world-class blockchain technology development process. WoToken’s dedicated R&D team has recruited dozens of experienced computer encryption engineers and has created many new technologies for market development based on the open source, decentralization and scalability features of blockchain technology. Neraex will work with the WoToken elite team to restructure the international business and incorporate these projects into the new development system, enabling the new asset WOR (World Robot) to achieve common development and resource integration. Neraex has successfully invited and reorganized WoToken’s international business, and will soon introduce AI artificial intelligence to achieve more high-frequency quantitative trading, intelligent hedging arbitrage trading, and first-time futures financing guarantee trading to open up and develop more new profit space. WoToken also provides investors with blockchain projects with potential for appreciation. These projects often do not attract the attention of well-known venture capital institutions during the initial development stage, but WoToken can accurately discover its potential over time and invest in and participate in its development process.

Neraex’s team has a long and successful blockchain investment history. The cross-blockchain technology type projects that have been developed and invested in include financing equity, capital restructuring, project asset segmentation, project company formation, and risk stage investments. Because Neraex pursues the principle of “full participation”, it never gives up an opportunity for innovation and never misses the development process of industry innovation. All of the high-quality blockchain projects in the WoToken commercial map after the reorganization of Neraex can form relatively strong profitability in a short period. The launch of blockchain application products that are more suitable for joint ventures in the market will meet the needs of consumption, shopping, payment, financial management, and insurance! WoToken will be a new product for the most developmental blockchain application!

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