Prominent Women Activist ‘Minito Reasor’ Premiers New Video Documentary Tilted “Fear of Oxygen’

Join in as Glass House in coordination with Mpressivevp Films Presents New Video Documentary on how to Conquer Alopecia fear in women on 21st October, 2018.

Over the years Alopecia have affected the lives of women in their relationships, their careers and emotional well-being. Alopecia is a common autoimmune skin disease that causes hair loss on the scalp, face and sometimes on other areas of the body. It affects as many as 7 million people in the U.S. according to National Alopecia Areata Foundation. Minito Reasor, founder of Girlfriends Glasshouse Empowerment, has versatile years of experience and knowledge in helping women process negative experiences, beliefs, stigmas and issues. This is why she has decided to create a documentary, for women, on how to deal with their fear of Alopecia or hair loss. Minito Reasor will hold a public screening of the powerful documentary film The Fear of Oxygen Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 12 pm at United Front boutique in Detroit. The documentary follows the journey of a woman name Hattie Kennedy, as she shares her hidden insecurities and emotional freedom dealing with Alopecia.

“Hair has the power to tell us about our health condition, our spiritual beliefs and our personality. This is bigger than protective styles, hair relaxers and natural hair. You will discover how hair is sometimes used as a means to mask the hurt. You will learn how Hattie revolutionized the power within her by letting go of fear and choosing to wear her hair bare,” said Minito Reasor.

Minito Reasor is hosting an interactive session with reputable panelists including Hattie Kennedy, Tamara Flake and Deidra Houge. With what has been challenging so far, the event is shaping up brilliantly rather than an attention grab or mainstream pull. Minito Reasor seemed to have put her truest ideas into creating this epic video documentary Fear of Oxygen.

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About Minito Reasor

Minito Reasor received her Bachelor of Business Leadership degree from Baker College in Auburn Hills. She is also a certified facilitator for Vitals Smarts Crucial Accountability and Crucial Conversations. Minito is also a certified coach and facilitator for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and a trained coach and facilitator for Gallup Strengths Finder. She has facilitated more than 100 workshops and structured courses, audience members that include corporate employees, faith-based organization members and private individuals of all ages. She is the proud founder of Girlfriends Glasshouse Empowerment.

Girlfriends’ Glasshouse Empowerment is an empowerment organization for women and girls, focused on personal and professional development through training, self-discipline, and love. Girlfriends Glasshouse Empowerment developed a system of educational workshops, mentoring, and activities that restore a state of balance and control. Coupled with drive and passion she is unstoppable!

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