Absolute Hell Invites Readers To Take A Walk On The Dark Side

Absolute Hell proudly presents a list of the best metal, games and movies just in time for the holidays.

The publishers compiled the list using feedback from avid readers who all have a thirst for heavy metal rock, horror movies and violent games. The list reviews the best and the worst products, making it easy for readers to find the best gifts for that “unusual” family member.

For a long time, critics proclaimed the death of the horror movie genre. Many high-budget films did not bring in the expected revenue at the box office, and DVD sales were just as abysmal. Annabelle, the spinoff from The Conjuring, exceeded all expectations on opening weekend and brought a revival – and new hope for the genre. Suddenly, lovers of everything dark and dismal were lining up to take another look at Torment, Curse of Chuckie and similar movies. Suddenly, fans threw out the critics’ dramatic ruling and horror movies rose to the top again – if only for a season.

According to Jan Fergeson, a publisher at Absolute Hell, the horror genre never died and critics have no clue how to make a ruling when it comes to this controversial niche. He says, “What the masses want has no bearing on what goes on in this genre; whether it is movies, games, music, food and booze. We’re a tight knit community who watch our horror movies and listen to hard rock all year round. There’ll always be a market for these products, and I don’t see movie makers, musicians and manufacturers forsaking this community any time soon. Our task at Absolute Hell is to review the movies, music and other products to help our readers. ust because they’re directed to fans within this niche, doesn’t mean they’re any good.”

Tom Peppery relies on Absolute Hell to keep on top of the latest news. “I own a small specialty niche store and I get so busy that I rarely get a chance to stay on top of the things my customers want to know. Unlike other publishers, the community at Absolute Hells are never too generous with their reviews; that’s why I trust them. I consult with these horror and metal fans to decide if I’m going to make the trip to the theater or recommend the movie to my customers.”

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