Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike\’s club for millionaires and billionaires is ready

We have a breaking news from the unstoppable Nigerian Queen at home and abroad Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike.

Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike has brought us blessing by allowing us access to her father’s business assets, who was the very respected rich politician Kalu Kalu Ajike. Kalu Kalu Ajike was more than just a billionaire – he was a member of the very rich member only club called the millionaire club.

But taking into account the fact that the era has changed since then and Queen Ugwunwa Ajike cannot stop being proud that she made her first million at a very young age. But we could not help but ask the Ohafia Queen if it was because she was born rich, but the beautiful Queen replied by telling us that though her father enabled it to be possible for her to know that she was born rich because of how wealthy her father Kalu Kalu Ajike was, but the truth is that she mentained that she earned her first million by working for herself as a young business woman from before she even became an adult. 

Queen Ugwunwa Ajike is defiantly the most beautiful woman in the world right now with a beauty that is beyond beautiful, an Ohafia Queen for the whole wide world and she is also an entrepreneur, without denying the fact that her father the very wealthy man Kalu Kalu Ajike influenced Queen Ugwunwa Ajike’s over 33 companies, except her designer clothing which is because of her mother, the wife of Kalu Kalu Ajike.

So Queen Ugwunwa Ajike has set up something for the rich called the Millionaires and Billionaires Club.

You have to be at least 23 or above to join Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike’s The Millionaires and Billionaires Club.

To become a member of this rich club set up by Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike, the cost is only for the really rich to know. So if you enjoy being rich and mingling with those with big wallets and purses, then contact “The Millionaires and Billionaires Club” to register.

From what has been confirmed, the official opening and registration for this club for the very rich and the very wealthy is going to take place every 8th of August starting as soon as possible.

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