The co-founder of ZIS (Zhong Shengling) exposed the details of cooperation investment for the first time, and was visited to Macao to sign with Jutelic Foundation officially

Zhong Shengling, the co-founder of ZIS, visited Macao at the invitation of Jutelic Foundation to talk about cooperation and reached a formal agreement, and exposed the details of cooperation with Warburg Pincus for the first time

According to media reports, Zhong Shengling, the co-founder of ZIS, visited Macao at the invitation of Alan who is a member of Jutelic Foundation’s board of directors, to talk about how to reach close cooperation and mutual assistance. Moreover, they discussed about the cooperation details, signed an agreement about deep cooperation, and visited the responsible person of Asia-Pacific Area, SNK Foundation.

During the meeting period, Zhong Shengling, the co-founder of ZIS, expressed that ZIS would always follow the direction of application development and persist in treating living consumption and payment as the starting point; as an important link of development, ZIS Mall had already completed integral deployment and information sharing. Besides, Zhong also showed heartfelt gratefulness to Jutelic Foundation for its trust and support. Alan who is a member of Jutelic Foundation’s board of directors said frankly that ZIS made the current achievements and got approval from investment groups and venture capital agencies because it was taking every step positively and zealously. Moreover, ZIS was approved by the society in all aspects. Jutelic Foundation also considered that ZIS was on a road of sustainable and healthy development, and Jutelic Foundation was confident of creating a better future with ZIS.

Jutelic Foundation has focused on the field of financial technology, and made great achievements. The responsible persons of both parties fiercely discussed about the future development direction of international economy and block chain, and talked about how to promote the development of financial technology and apply artificial intelligence technology. During the conversation, Zhong Shengling expressed his sincere admiration for the great contributions made by Jutelic Foundation to the society, and showed that ZIS was willing to gain joint development with various foundations in every aspect. JUTELE Foundation showed its approval for ZIS’s endeavor, and was willing to list ZIS as the key observation and cooperation object in the field of block chain. It would attempt to reach preliminary cooperation with ZIS: to co-build the application ecosphere of “block chain payment + online + offline + consumption and payment”.

Finally, Zhong Shengling, the co-founder of ZIS, exposed relevant details about the cooperation between ZIS and other institution (Warburg Pincus) to the reporting personnel for the first. He said that Warburg Pincus was willing to share relevant resources in the shopping mall, and to provide operating sites, relevant management talents of shopping mall, market operation talents and technology auditors for free in Malaysia. In the aspect of capital, it would offer more favorable supports to solve the urgent need of ZIS’s development. ZIS also expressed that Warburg Pincus had already become one of its global high-quality partners, and that ZIS would report the company’s asset management situations, technical audit statements and market development situations to Warburg Pincus every month, so as to guarantee resource and information sharing between both parties and to ensure ZIS’s development course.

With the support of more agencies and capitals, ZIS will be further encouraged to advance boldly. With the introduction of ZIS Shopping Mall as well as the development of multi-currency chain, exchange and wallet, ZIS will certainly master a greater right to speak in the world, and ultimately embrace the services of various industries to benefit the whole world.

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