CredEx Fintech represented Chinese innovation and unveiled it to the world

40 years on from China’s economic reformations and opening up, it has developed from being behind to leading the way. From the song “The East Is Red” to “Tiangong” in space, from the launch of a domestic aircraft carrier to the deep-sea exploration of “Jiaolong”, to the new four great inventions of China: high-speed rail, online shopping, Alipay, and share-bikes, these all reflect the Chinese style of innovation.

An aerial view of Shenzhen, China

More than 30 world media firms enter Shenzhen

As a representative city of reform and innovation, Shenzhen has been receiving global media attention. On 17th October, the large-scale interview activity, 2018 World Famous Media Innovation Trip to Shenzhen, held by the publicity department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, China Association of Journalists and Hong Kong Business Newspaper was officially launched in Shenzhen. Over four days, more than 30 world famous media outlets, including the British Financial Times, The Straits Times of Singapore, The Yomiuri Newspaper of Japan and the Guangming Daily of Turkey went to Shenzhen to report on the innovative development of China’s reforms and development.

On this world-renowned media innovation trip to Shenzhen, the press corps focused on representative enterprises like Tencent, Ping’an Group, CredEx Fintech, DJI Innovations, and reported their exploration and experience during the economic reforms. They will also watch the light show on the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen’s opening-up, visit the Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhenwan Chuangye Plaza, and more, to experience the extraordinary development of Shenzhen directly.

The press corps was at the light show

On the night when they arrived in Shenzhen, the press corps watched the light show marking the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen’s opening-up. “This is so cool!” TV Asahi reporter said after taking photos. The reporter said that Shenzhen is very cool and he feels like would like to live in Shenzhen. On the morning of the 18th, the press corps also visited China’s tallest office building, the Ping’an building, standing at 667 meters.

Visit the hidden champion: CredEx Fintech

The press corps visited the CredEx Fintech

On the afternoon of 18th, the press corps visited the hidden champion of the financial science and technology industry, CredEx Fintech. “The achievements and innovations of CredEx Fintech are very unique. Its innovation is the best practice of the global fintech industry. Its unique value proposition to small and micro financial borrowers, technological innovation, and leading risk management practices are reshaping the global mobile credit landscape.” said the professor at the Wharton Business School upon evaluating of the company. The on-site media reporters were very interested in the overall technology level of CredEx Fintech and asked Zeng Xuhui, the president of CredEx Fintech various questions. They said they would learn more about the development status and prospects of fintech in China through CredEx Fintech.

Zeng Xuhui demonstrated the first mobile credit app by CredEx Fintech in the world and restored the 3-minute and 4-step simple loan process, and amazed the reporters. What was also worth mentioning was that the design of the CredEx Fintech app showed the characteristics of being fully online, open, having high quotas, high customizability, and being dynamic, and the resulting average amount of loans is far ahead, 5-8 times than that of its peers. Now, CredEx Fintech has exported their “mobile credit overall technology” to various financial institutions to achieve the rapid transfer of capabilities. This has also set off a wave of financial technology companies and banks in cooperation within China, and this will also accelerate the implementation process of China’s inclusive finance.

It is understood that CredEx Fintech is also the only Chinese fintech case selected by Wharton Business School as one of the innovative achievements in the 40th anniversary of China’s economic opening-up. It is making financing services more efficient by continuing to delve into mobile credit as a whole so that everyone has access to loan-and-return financing rights.

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