As the Demonstration Enterprise of Annual Blockchain Social E-commerce, Uniplaza was Interviewed by CCTV.

As a global forerunner of cross-border social e-commerce, Uniplaza took the lead in the application of block chain technology combined with the global cross-border social e-commerce platform, achieved a new height of social e-commerce, and was interviewed by CCTV with high attention and praise.

Guangzhou, China- In an Exclusive Interview with CCTV, Uniplaza Uses Blockchain Technology to Bring Chinese Social E-commerce to the World. 

After decades, the Internet industry has developed an obvious oligopoly effect. Now all e-commerce platforms are looking for new directions. Uniplaza is the forerunner of a new economic direction in the future. Uniplaza is the first to take advantage of the traceability and untouchability of block chains, and combines global cross-border social e-commerce to achieve new heights in e-commerce. 

“At present, China’s social e-commerce platforms mainly focus on the development direction of imported social e-commerce, while Uniplaza hopes to use blockchain technology to solve the technical bottleneck of Chinese social e-commerce and make Chinese social e-commerce go global,” said Ms. Anny Kim, founder of Uniplaza, in an exclusive interview with CCTV on Sept. 21. 

Uniplaza+Blockchain, Breaking the Social E-commerce Market 

As the forerunner of cross-border social e-commerce, Uniplaza has tapped into the global language, payment, supply chain and logistics, social networking and provides strong technical support for buying and selling global goods and collecting global payments. In order to solve the problem that the traditional social e-commerce platform lacks credit mechanism and is prone to disputes, Uniplaza uses the block chain technology to realize the traceability of global commodities, eliminate fake and inferior commodities, provide authentic and quality guarantee for commodities, completely solve the trust problem of users in the field of social e-commerce, provide users with a complete solution, and build a perfect social e-commerce ecosystem for users. 

The Road to Growth of the Unicorn, the Global Strategic Layout has Taken Shape. 

As a member-based cross-border social e-commerce platform dedicated to exporting social e-commerce services to the world, Uniplaza has become a channel for high-quality cultural and commodity exchanges between different countries, connecting the logistics of more than 200 countries in the world and extending its business to dozens of countries in Asia, Europe and America. 

Previously, Uniplaza officially listed in the Dongdaemun Building in South Korea, marking the official entry of Chinese social e-commerce to the world. The Cambodia Branch of Uniplaza was officially launched, and offline full-stack consumer scenarios such as experience hotels, multinational duty-free shops, etc. will also be put into use one by one. 

In the future, Uniplaza will continue to land in more countries to provide more comprehensive and high-quality services to global customers, and to build a build a Uniplaza ecological network of 7 billion people around the world. 

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