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Remember when Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix brought us an all-new sense with shopping, communication, innovative smartphones, and unbeatable movie and TV experience? We were clueless of how fast they could change our lives until only almost recently.

What if we tell you there’s a new game-changer, this time, in the education industry, making it exclusive information more accessible and affordable for everyone and it is in its infancy?

The media have been in frenzy as it witnessed an unprecedented, non-technical number of people giving more and more attention to the “blockchain” noise. With how fast it evolves, you don’t want to miss out on its uprising.

To keep you at par with the dynamic world of blockchain and its capacity, a new online hub called MELiUS is introducing innovative ways to educate and opportunities to be part of something great.

MELiUS builds a new community by combining a unique marketing approach and education that combines social learning with gamification all based on Blockchain and AI technology itself. Learners will get access to premium, high-quality content and always up to date market information that will be delivered daily via live-stream to the mobile app.

On how this new platform will play an influential role in the blockchain era, Jeremy Prasetyo, CEO and co-founder of MELiUS believes: “The future is becoming more and more digital – it will change more than we can imagine today. Blockchain and AI will play the biggest role in the next years when it comes to innovation and disruption of the traditional ways. That’s why we are already bringing the future of learning with access to exclusive information to our community so that they can learn from anywhere, anytime, in the pace they want and then by applying their new knowledge eventually create the future.”

Someone who defined the future of technology is Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of the world-famous Apple. He also backs the rise of blockchain. In a recent interview of Steve with MELiUS’ CEO, he puts forth he believes people should get involved with blockchain and AI as both are going to be the future and will create unlimited, new opportunities for people. See the video footage here:

MELiUS affirms delivering high-level education to newcomers in the marketplace will significantly increase interest on blockchain and AI.

With its corroborative hub, we’re witnessing a revolutionary breakthrough, that’s both exciting and beneficial. This innovative platform presents an opportunity for aspiring learners to broaden their blockchain knowledge and enhance their professional skill set, but also get rewarded for participating, contributing and learning.

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