Jennifer Tao (Hong Tao) traveled to Hollywood alone, finally bags the lead character role in new action drama!

The Hollywood film “River Runs Red”,Chinese name “Judge’s Revenge” premiered at west Olympic bullies cinema on the afternoon of October 21, 2018 local time in Los Angeles, United States.

Chinese actress Jennifer Tao was dressed in cheongsam from the old Shanghai of the 1930s, which was especially eye-catching among many Hollywood stars. She became the first Chinese actress to take the lead in a purely Hollywood theatrical picture.

Jennifer Tao(Hong Tao)achieved the leading role through her unremitting efforts, and together with famous American actors and actresses Taye Diggs, Luke Hemsworth, George Lopez and John Cusack, took a big step forward in promoting the status and contribution of Chinese people in the international film industry. As a native of China, she has been able to break into the ranks of Hollywood A-list movie stars with strength, breaking through the directional logic that Chinese actors always play supporting roles, which is of positive significance to the development of Chinese people in the world film and television industry.

On the contrary, Mr. Cui yongyuan made a big splash. An A-list star has been fined more than 800 million for a tax scandal, and many more movie and television stars are in a state of panic. Some people are very popular in the domestic film and television, but in the international they often play the role of work-on. Even in a Sino-American joint venture, they will be cut in international version. Relatively speaking, Jennifer Tao has a high starting point and strict requirements, making her way out of a distinctive international route. She may not be well known in the eyes of domestic audience, but She has shone on the international film and television scene in Hollywood.

Anyone who knows Jennifer Tao knows that she has a sincere and patriotic heart. She loves the traditional culture of the motherland. She began to learn claborate-style painting from an early age, and later learned acupuncture to help herself and her friends to relieve their pain. She is very caring, and in 2017, she donated hundreds of thousands of yuan to hold an activity to help autistic children in Shanghai! People who know her like her positive energy and loving heart, will be affected by her, feel that life is full of hope and beautifulness!

In addition, from her performance shooting, we can see that she has shot more than 100 films and spoken tens of thousands of English dubbing sentences in three years, and she keeps practicing her pronunciation skills to overcome the language barrier. When she could perform in fluent English, she persuaded the director to ask for a few lines in Chinese, in order to teach Americans to respect and appreciate the language of our country when they go to the cinema. At minus 21 degrees, she kept shooting with short sleeves, with frostbite on her feet and never complained. Because she knew that the harder it was, the more she could not hold back and lose the face of the Chinese. Both the director and the field staff praised her acting skills and professionalism, as well as her patriotism.

“River Runs Red”, a suspense film based on a real case in the United States, focuses on the manslaughter of a black judge’s son by police. Jennifer Tao plays the heroine – the judge’s wife. The judge, after various efforts to seek justice, united the families of the same experience to avenge the police. The film ends on a tragic note, reflecting the pain points of American society, which is an American version of “Dying to Survive”. The film has deeply explored the social theme of “gun freedom/gun prohibition”. It is one of the few feature films in American films in recent years, and with the help of numerous Hollywood actors, it is bound to trigger the attendance of this film.


Luck never falls into your lap, and the hard work will pay off. When choosing the role, Mr. Rafel, a renowned British director and winner of the international film festival awards, became interested in Jennifer Tao through one film, and signed two films with her in which she will both play the leading role. At the end of October, Jennifer Tao will fly to London, UK, to shoot the starring film “Cranley Gardens”, in order to attend the Cannes international film festival next year!

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