The Perrin Technique Transforms the Diagnosis of CFS/ME

Prestwich, Manchester – Dr. Perrin has discovered a breakthrough approach to treating CFS/ME that involves stimulating the drainage of fluid around the spinal cord and the brain. The approach also involves massage of soft tissue in the neck, head, back, and chest.

Dr. Perrin recently taught his technique around the world, teaching his osteopathic treatment of lymphatic disorders and his Perrin Technique. Dr. Perrin has also been highlighted in a film that documents living with fibromyalgia and the treatments used to combat the condition. Events coming up include a workshop in Italy and London that will teach the Perrin Technique.

These events and workshops include many highlights such as physiological and anatomical backgrounds into Dr. Perrin’s CFS/ME diagnosis method, and also hands on examinations of CFS/ME patients, and CFS/ME treatment. To learn more about upcoming events and to stay up to date on news, look to for more information.

Dr. Perrin’s diagnosis of CFS/ME involves identifying common symptoms and signs in sufferers of the condition. There is a physical examination that he has derived that will aid diagnosis. This has become a very effective route to ascertain if someone is suffering with CFS/ME. Many factors are looked at when making the diagnosis, including: worsening of symptoms after exertion, and symptoms not abating after several months.

Dr. Perrin offers a consultation that involves a detailed case history starting from birth through present symptoms. It has been found that once this diagnosis can be made treatment can start immediately, which is beneficial to the patient.

His treatment is known as an osteopathic method that is exclusive to the Perrin Technique. The technique stimulates the drainage of fluid around the spine and brain. The Perrin Technique is unique in that it works to drain toxins from the lymphatic system.

Patients using the technique agree that results were seen within a short space of time and were highly effective. Some even exclaimed that their quality of life was greatly improved. To see more testimonials and learn more about the technique check out

To contact Dr. Perrin and learn more information about his technique and setup a consultation, visit On the site there is an easy to fill out form that includes name, email, subject and an area for a detailed message about what the patient is looking for.

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