Open Packaging Network launches Country Ambassador Program for OPN Platform

Unique decentralized ecosystem for high growth packaging industry, Open Packaging Network, launches its country Ambassador Program for its OPN Platform

Open Packaging Network, otherwise known as OPN, is an innovative Open Source Platform, decentralized ecosystem designed for high growth packaging industry participants and related services with the aim of making the industry more efficient for the different stakeholders. As part of the goals of OPN to positively influence the packaging industry across the globe, Open Packaging Network has announced the launch of its Country Ambassador Program to bring the innovative to every nook and cranny of the world.

The digital currency space has no doubt expanded over the years as businesses in different industries are looking to take advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrency and enjoy the immense benefits that come with the concept. One important industry that is yet to fully harness the inherent benefits of the digital currency concept and the blockchain technology as a whole is the packing industry. This led to the emergence of the Open Packaging Network to change the narrative and make a major difference in the difference. After a launch of the initial coin offering for the OPK token, the team at Open Packaging Network has launched a Country Ambassador Program as part of efforts to spread the message about the innovation and ensure every stakeholder in the industry regardless of their location enjoys the disruptive innovation.

The primary goal of the OPN Country Ambassador Program is to educate people on crypto and blockchain while also fostering crypto communities. Other goals of the program include improving people’s financial literacy in this digital age, and empowering people to see the future potential of the cryptocurrency space.

Interested ambassadors are to meet some simple requirements, some of which include being a Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, an expert in the Packaging, label or brand management industry, and experience as a community manager or promoter. Other requirements to be fulfilled to become an ambassador are highlighted as follows:

  • Decent in written and spoken English
  • Fluent in home countries native language
  • At least one year of experience with blockchain communities
  • Located in a large city of the respective country
  • Shares the vision of OPN and is loyal to its team

Ambassadors are charged with a few responsibilities including promoting OPN on social media and blogs, content creation and sharing on social media, blog Medium, Reddit, Steemit, Community Group Setup and Moderation, as well as Influencer campaign management on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn among others.

The OPN Country Ambassador Program comes with a plethora of rewards for the ambassadors. The rewards include a monthly remuneration of 3,000 OPN tokens and other exciting rewards.

More information about the program and how to apply to become an Open packaging network country Ambassador to change the world and spread the Open Packaging Network message can be found here.

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