Irfan Elahi teaches Scala Programming in his new book “Scala Programming for Big Data Analytics”

Big Data and Machine Learning expert, Irfan Elahi, launches a new book titled “Scala Programming for Big Data Analytics,” providing readers with an opportunity to learn Scala Programming Language with ease

Irfan Elahi is a leading Big Data evangelist that has made a name for himself using Big Data and Machine Learning to support business growth with multifaceted and strong ties in several industries. As part of his goals of spreading knowledge and expertise about his domain and ensuring that every business and individual enjoys immense benefits out of this, Irfan recently launched what has been described by many as the “Best book to learn Scala” – Scala Programming for Big Data Analytics, a comprehensive guide on getting started with Scala for Apache Spark development.

Big Data technologies have become increasingly popular in recent times with businesses across different industries aiming to process large volumes of data to derive insights with the goal of orchestrating innovation and staying ahead of the competition. Consequently, there is an increase in the demand for individuals with the right skill-set in these areas, which has also made such people one of the highest paid workers at the moment. Unfortunately, there are not too many of such professionals and this is where Irfan is looking to make a difference by bridging the gap and developing more Big Data Analytics professionals across the globe.

Why is it the best book to learn Scala for Big Data Analytics?

Due to the relatively steep learning curve of Scala, most books and other such resources on the subject are somewhat peripheral, covering the basic concepts without addressing the subject in-depth. However, “Scala Programming for Big Data Analytics” was written to teach interested persons just Scala only relevant for Big Data, that is, Apache Spark development without bogging them with irrelevant details and complex concepts of Scala programming language features.

Irfan uses his versatile experience and expertise using the Scala programming language to offer a practical guide that teaches the concepts of the language from the basics. Some of the topics covered include an introduction to Scala, variables (mutable/immutable), data types, functions, collections, flow control, libraries usage, and some emphasis on object-oriented programming and functional programming concepts.

Scala Programming for Big Data Analytics by Irfan Elahi is designed for everyone and anyone interested in learning Scala Programming regardless of their programming language experience. Its cost-effectiveness that allows users to do hands-on practice on their system (Windows/Mac/Linux) without any software cost is another amazing feature of the book.

Here is more information about Irfan Elahi and his Scala Programming for Big Data Analytics book.

About Irfan Elahi

Irfan Elahi is a Senior Consultant in Deloitte Australia, the world’s largest consultancy firm, specializing in Big Data and Machine Learning. He is called the Big Data evangelist and has worked on several projects in Australia in end-to-end lifecycle to design, prototype, develop and deploy production-grade Big Data solutions in cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure.

Irfan is also a public speaker and has presented on multiple occasions like Big Data conferences, universities and meet-ups all around the world. In addition to his Scala Programming for Big Data Analytics book, he also has launched Udemy courses on Apache Spark for Big Data Analytics and R Programming for Data Science with more than 18,000 students from 145 countries enrolled in them.

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