Local Scholarships and Funds Support Mountain Empire High School Seniors in Their Future College Endeavors

As seniors at Mountain Empire High School prepare for their futures and  have the opportunity to apply for scholarships each year, many will turn to local funds to help pay for their college tuition. Some of the scholarships available to graduating seniors come from county or statewide organizations such as FFA or come directly from colleges and universities. Those funds aren’t always available to every outgoing high school graduate, so most of the scholarships awarded to Mountain Empire Redhawks come from local community groups and organizations.

The local community is incredibly supportive of Mountain Empire High School students, and many community groups and organizations raise money specifically for local students. Some of organizations that give funds to MEHS students were created specifically for raising money to provide scholarships for local kids. The long list of scholarship donors shows the importance of MEHS in the Mountain Empire and surrounding communities as many rally together to provide for the Redhawks.

The Mountain Empire Men’s Club & Monday Night Car Club is a major contributor to scholarships and usually raise around $20,000 to donate through their Pine Valley Days and the Annual Scholarship Dinner fundraisers. The Homemaker’s Club is another major contributor and  runs a local thrift shop to raise around $20,000 a year to donate. Some scholarships come from local families such as the Luke Barbour Scholarship and Marks Scholarship.

Other scholarships available to the 2018 graduating seniors included:

Local Chapter of CSEA

META (Mt. Empire Teachers Association)

Board of Education Scholarships

Jimmy Will scholarship – in memory of a former student

Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Boulevard Fellowship Scholarship

East County Junior Fair scholarships – for Ag students

Lake Morena Community Church

Will Family Scholarship – in memory of a local firefighter

Patty Ray Memorial

Pep Club Scholarship

Kristina Scherer Scholarship – in memory of a former teacher

ASB Scholarship

Class of 2018 Scholarship

Native Pride – MEHS school club

MECHA – MEHS school club

Grossmont Healthcare District – for students aspiring to a career in health sciences

Don Diego Livestock Scholarship – for Ag students

Danny Benson Memorial – former community member involved with Ag Education

Jacumba Community Women’s Club

Lt. John Finn Auxiliary VFW

Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian Center

Matt Will and Mike Laff Memorial Scholarships

Friends of Descanso Library

Pine Valley Improvement Club

Don Taylor Scholarship

Mt. Empire Historical Society Memorial Scholarship

In June of 2018, the local support was so strong that Mountain Empire seniors were awarded more than $90,000 in community driven scholarship funds. For more information on scholarships for MEHS students, visit a guidance counselor or http://mehs.meusd.org/counseling-guidance-d3f3e762/scholarship-opportunities-af4aef63 and check out the School’s webpage at mehs.meusd.org.

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