YouTube releases new feature called Video Premieres now available to all users

“Premieres makes it easy to promote your video and engage with fans through live chat”
It’s here, YouTube has officially announced the video premiere feature is ready for all YouTube channels! What’s a YouTube video premiere you ask? It’s just like the video premiere of your favorite Hollywood movies except this premiere happens right on the YouTube platform.

Philadelphia, PA – YouTube releases a new video premiere feature which is now available to all YouTube channels. The new feature allows users to “Build the hype around your next video release” with all of the interactive features included live streaming. To help new users learn about how to leverage the new video premiere feature the StreamGeeks have released a free video marketing strategy guide today. The video below outlines what you need to know about the latest YouTube Video Premiere features.

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YouTube explains that “Premieres makes it easy to promote your video and engage with fans through live chat. “I believe that this type of live on-demand technology will help the masses really adopt live streaming,” said Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer at the StreamGeeks. “Businesses that have been reluctant to adopt live streaming will likely start to use live video premieres because it offers more control over their messaging and branding. Ultimately, viewers will continue to demand real-time communication and live engagement after big video premieres and product announcements.”

For many, video premiers will become the ideal middle ground between live streaming and regular video on demand uploading. Live streaming has become a sanctuary for authentic communication in a world of fake news and overproduced commercials. At the same time, live video communication can be a scary place for corporate businesses required to protect their branding in this uncertain medium. Video premieres will provide real-time communication and engagement with live audience idea for creators that require 100% control of their video presentation. Leveraging real-time video streaming and traditional pre-produced videos will provide a new future for professional online video.

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