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“Why Parents Pay More for WutsupBaby Organic Quinoa Cereal”
THE PUREST COOKING PROCESS – WutsupBaby Organic Quinoa Cereal

Every ounce of food your baby eats must empower nourishment and growth, so we cook your baby’s food to suit; beginning with the cleaning and escarification of the RAW quinoa grain, then mixing and crushing it into the most nutrient-rich pre-cooked quinoa flour before we drum-dehydrate it (no freeze-dried foods here), mill it and pulverize it, ensuring maximum nutrient absorption that won’t hurt sensitive tummies.

Could you predict what makes parents buy more, and pay more, for seemingly similar baby food products?

While most baby food pouches deliver “hit or miss” market results, often wasting millions in R&D only to discover the product flops, Kaiser and Sheryl, WutsupBaby quinoa baby cereal founders, seemingly hit the mark every time.

But how do they know what parents want, before parents ask? And what about their quinoa baby and toddler cereal makes parents pay more for their organic baby food pouches than competitors?

Flashback to 2014.

That’s when Kaiser and Sheryl, WutsupBaby founders, discovered they were expecting their first child.

As soon-to-be busy parents they asked the same question many parents do when they first find out they’re expecting, “After the breastfeeding stage, we wanted to continue delivering her all the best nutrients, and wondered, what baby food should we feed her?”

After digging deep into the research, Kaiser and Sheryl couldn’t find a single prepacked baby food that made them say, “Yes, these pouches contain all the nutrients we want her eating, without the hidden bad.”

Everything contained fake vitamins, pesticides, allergens, or too many ingredients to count.

“When we couldn’t find safe, organic, nutrient-rich, and guaranteed pesticide free baby food before the birth of our daughter in 2014, it only seemed natural to create our own.”

“Parents loved how we actually focused on delivering wholesome nutrition, not just ‘hypey’ foods, and kept each packet to just 2 to 3 power packed, allergen free super foods, and WutsupBaby was born.”

Popularity grew quickly by word of mouth – sisters telling sisters, brothers telling brothers, nurses telling new parents, and friends telling friends until they found themselves moving out of a tiny kitchen into a major production facility in 2016.

“That’s when everything really took off, when demand quickly outpaced supply, so we focused on growth and expanding our offerings, while maintaining the same premium quality.”

Even after expansion they focused on using a single, 5000-year-old ancestral native, non-GMO, ‘identity maintained’ seed source, grown in impeccably clean, healthy soil, high atop the mountains of Columbia, so you get nutrient-rich Quinoa without any pesticides.

Yet not all quinoa baby foods are created equal.

“You must choose quinoa kids love, from the right source, one with a delicious, warm, nutty flavor from a single source like we do, without the bitterness most quinoa cereals provide, or kids don’t eat it, and they won’t gain all the nutrients premium organic quinoa provides.”, say founders Kaiser and Sheryl.

“Consumer Reports analyzed 50 nationally distributed baby foods parents trust for cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic. “68% showed worrisome levels of at least one heavy metal…and 15 products pose a potential health risk”. [USA Today]

Amongst those called out for “worrisome levels” sit the top 3 major organic brands parents buy from grocery store shelves.

Nutritionists say there’s something even smarter going on with WutsupBaby Organic Foods.

WutsupBaby leverages the nutritional power of the whole food that most closely mimics mama’s breastmilk, quinoa.

“While a common first baby food is single grain, such as rice cereal or oatmeal, I choose WutsupBaby Organic Quinoa Cereal because quinoa is rich in iron, protein, and various vitamins and minerals. As a nutritionist and mom, I know how important it is for babies to have a balanced diet. I also know these essential nutrients play an important role in converting food to energy…bone and muscle growth…healthy hair, skin and eyes.” says Jenny Liu, RN, BSN, PHN

Because it’s simple, pure, USDA organic certified gluten-free baby food, from non-GMO ‘identity preserved’ seeds, it doesn’t require added sugars, artificial flavors, or chemical add-ins to taste delicious.

RN Jenny says, “I blend WutsupBaby’s Original Quinoa cereal with banana, apple and carrot and I love it! Since the flavors are versatile and blend well with fruits, WutsupBaby is not just for babies – it will be a balanced breakfast or snack for older children and adults, too.”

Studies show quinoa’s radiant nutrient profile includes protein, iron, magnesium, manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E; contains all 9 amino acids, all three omega acids, 3,6 and 9, twice the fiber of traditional baby food grains, and naturally acts as a prebiotic, assisting with baby and toddler digestions and gut health support.

And with delicious, hypoallergenic, 100% allergen free, 100% organic whole food flavors like Quinoa and Carrot or Cherry or Apple Banana or Kale Sweet Potato, or Beet, parents find sneaking these nutrients into the pickiest bellies simple.

“We love how many parents share their favorite muffin, smoothie, and cookie recipes, using WutsupBaby Quinoa baby cereals, and we especially love the smiling pictures! It feels good knowing we haven’t simply created the best baby cereal for kids 4 months old, 6 months old and for toddlers! We’ve inspired entire online parenting communities to share how it helps get nutrition into fussy eaters.” – Sheryl

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