Up and Coming Band, The Rift, Invites Fans to Support and Design Their Next Music Video for “The Worst of Me”

The Los Angeles based rock band The Rift has made an enormous impact on the music world in the short six months they have been together.  Made up of brothers John and Aris Anagnos, and born out of the turmoil of their mother’s bout with cancer, The Rift has quickly earned a legion of fans for their hard rocking sound and heartfelt lyrics.  Their last video “Wake” has racked up more than 100,000 views and they are preparing to shoot the next video for their song “The Worst of Me” found on their upcoming “Inventions” album.

Building on the success of their first self-titled album, the band is eager to produce music that will meet the expectations of their growing hordes of fans.  With the upcoming release of “Inventions” the Rift would also like for their fans to take a greater role in the creation of their next music video. The concept of the video involves the members playing while their shadows serve as their alter egos and commit reprehensible acts.  Fans are asked to contribute their ideas for what these shadows could be doing.

Despite their success, The Rift is still a young band with limited resources.  To produce this next video, they will need $6,000 for filming equipment, lighting, props, editing, graphics and distribution.  To raise these funds, the band has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. In return for supporting this important project, backers may receive perks like posters, music downloads, T-shirts, signed artwork, signed lyric sheets, signed drumsticks, guitar tutorials or songwriting tutorials. 

To learn more about The Rift, or to make a financial donation, please visit:

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Company Name: Music Video for song ‘The Worst of Me’ by The Rift
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