PFGHL Received The Think Green Initiative Achievement Award


PFGHL, as a top-tiered eco-friendly clothing enterprise with a vision to ensure the highest quality of goods and sustainability, has always insisted on green manufacturing. Now we are pleased to announce that our Nanchong factory has received the Think Green Initiative Achievement Award. Most noteworthy is that we got an overall score of 85 points, which is much higher than both global average (71) and apparel industry average (60).


The Think Green Initiative (TGI) program was developed by Intertek, which is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. With Intertek’s web-based platform and deep environmental expertise, TGI has emerged as the perfect tool for evaluating, reviewing and monitoring factories’ environmental performance from the basic assessment modules (Environmental Legal Compliance Overview and Environmental Management System) and six additional individual assessment modules (Water, Energy, Hazardous Materials, Equipment and Waste, Air Emissions, Noise Emissions, and Sustainable Production).

PFGHL incorporates the concept of “sustainable manufacturing” into every step of production.  The strictest environmental management and optimization are carried out in the planning of sustainable bases, water conservation, and efficient use of both renewable and non-renewable energy, and other practices concerned with materials and resources. Our investments in advanced weaving, dyeing and garment manufacturing facilities and technologies ensure that we are able to meet the clients’ needs and expectations.

We would like to express our gratitude to your long-term support and trust. Thank you for your recognition of our products and we will work hard to better satisfy your expectations.

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