Foreign Companies to Enter China’s $140 Billion Worth of Internet of Things Market with Kingsoft Cloud

The industrial upgrading driven by the Internet of Everything has become a global consensus, and a technological trend of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and edge computing has swept across the world. Under this context, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) held the first EdgeNext Summit in New York, and enterprises like world-renowned cloud service providers AWS, Citrix and Kingsoft Cloud, the global telecommunications giant Ciena, and the well-known CDN manufacturer Limelight are invited to discuss the global opportunities and challenges brought about after edge computing breaks through technical barriers.

At present, the total amount of China’s digital economy has reached about $3.8 trillion, ranking second in the world. Therefore, the Chinese market has become a must for global Internet companies. As the only Chinese cloud service provider invited, Kingsoft Cloud delivered a keynote speech at the conference to convey to the world information on the market benefits edge computing and the Internet of Things have generated in China.

China’s Edge Computing Market Gathers World Attention

The birth of edge computing is accompanied by the development of the Internet of Things. Edge computing provides the computing power that the part close to data source in the IoT needs, i.e. the data generating end and the edge application end. It decreases data transmission links, enormously improves data security and transmission efficiency, and has become a focus of attention in the IoT trend.

As of June 2018, the number of Internet of Things end users in China has hit 465 million, making China one of the most active areas for the development of Internet of Things users in the world. The Chinese government is vigorously promoting the construction of digital China with construction projects of smart city that have been initiated or under construction accounting for 50% of the globe. The construction of smart city is a large-scale informationalized project involving the building of lots of information systems and using comprehensive integrated technology scientifically, and the Internet of Things technology is a significant support for the intelligentization of infrastructure. Faced with a huge amount of IoT nodes and data, only by improving the data processing power of the edge side can we meet the needs of the intelligent era of the Internet of Everything.

China’s 5G era is around the corner, and the Internet of Things will become the most influential and benefited industry. The 5G network creates a flexible network service for the Internet of Things, providing uninterrupted and reliable data transmission connections. Apart from that, it will also offer a telecommunications network based on mobile edge computing (MEC), realizing the automatic implementation and deployment of edge services and resources.

“Now, the size of China’s Internet of Things market has exceeded $140 billion. China has become a land with fertile soil for the global edge computing to develop, whether in the respect of market capacity or infrastructure construction”, said Ms. Melissa, Sales Director of Kingsoft Cloud.

Foreign Companies Compete to Occupy China’s Edge Computing Market with Chinese Cloud Vendors’ Help

As a new data computing architecture and organizational form, edge computing extends the scope of network computing from the cloud center to the edge, providing handy intelligent services to users. According to IDC statistics, the global cloud computing market will reach $565 billion, among which about 20% is edge cloud. Since edge computing is an extension and supplement to the application of cloud computing scenarios, Kingsoft Cloud and various other cloud computing vendors all have entered the market of edge computing.

Kingsoft Cloud is China’s top three cloud service provider and is among the first to obtain the Trusted Cloud Certification of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and industry solutions launched by Kingsoft Cloud offer complete and advanced basic cloud service products. In addition to Internet companies that concentrate on hit videos and video games and that make up 90% of our customers, Kingsoft Cloud is working hard to extend our enterprise-level service capability to more vertical industries and to fully support the building of e-government in the Chinese government, such as the Beijing Government Cloud and the “online subscription system of housing with joint property rights” of Beijing Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development.

CDN, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are the best usage scenarios for edge computing. Kingsoft Cloud’s rich experience in vertical industries has unleashed huge service demands for edge computing. As it explores and researches the field of edge computing and realizes its own technology and business extension, Kingsoft Cloud has also built a bridge for foreign leading upstream and downstream ecological industries to enter China’s market. For instance, to quickly enter the market of edge computing and the CDN industry with the help of the industry influence of Kingsoft Video Cloud as “China’s First Video Cloud”. In recent years, Kingsoft Cloud, featured “cloud + artificial intelligence”, has made significant progress in the four major fields of smart finance, smart city, smart healthcare, smart industry and smart IoT, laying the foundation for overseas dominant technological resources to enter the Chinese IoT market.

At the scene, Melissa said that Kingsoft Cloud, as an international cloud service provider, has achieved the localized coverage of popular foreign areas such as North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc., and established branches in these areas and accredited personnel there to offer better local service. While providing high-quality technological products to overseas customers connecting market resources from home and abroad, Kingsoft Cloud also drives the global industrial upgrading with its technologies.

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