Local Immigration Solicitors Helping People Transition to Living in UK

London, UK – Since immigrating to the UK can be a difficult process, immigration lawyers in London, such as Legend Solicitors, are helping people to settle comfortably in the UK. 

Millions of people come to the United Kingdom each year, and to move here, these prospective residents have to navigate a complex system of requisites, eligibility, and admission requirements. The assistance of a solicitor can greatly facilitate this complex process.

People often need to hire an immigration lawyer when they are relocating for a job. This is particularly true of those looking for a visa for residency. People also seek help from immigration lawyers when their application has been rejected. Often times, an application may be rejected due to discrepancies in their request rather than ineligibility. Hiring an attorney clears up these discrepancies and improves the likelihood of an application’s approval.

Legend Solicitors are a locally based company in London that specialises in immigration cases. The firm was founded by Mr. Aravind Sreevalsalan, who started his career working for renowned lawyers. During this time, he worked in civil and criminal law and represented many nationalised banks. He completed his postgraduate degree in International Trade Law from Staffordshire University.

Under his guidance, Legend Solicitors have developed a robust immigration services team. Their immigration lawyers have the experience and specific training required to handle even the most complex cases. In addition to helping with the application process, the solicitors at the firm also will help clients follow up on applications in cases where they have not received a timely response. The wide range of immigration services that they offer can be found at http://www.legendsolicitors.org/immigration.php.

In addition to immigration, their solicitors specialise in various other areas of law. These legal areas include personal injury, employment law, conveyancing, litigation, family law, and landlord and tenant law. This range of services ensures that clients who seek immigration consultation and legal aid can also expect further assistance if needed for other issues related to residency and employment, as well as help with personal and family matters. The full scope of their services is available at http://www.legendsolicitors.org.

Legend Solicitors set their goals high to help their clients whether they are seeking to move to the UK or already do. Their immigration solicitors in London are already helping many who need it no matter how hard a case may seem. Those looking for help can meet with one of their lawyers at their office, located at https://goo.gl/maps/xL8PLUwZAD92.

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