Dr. Diskin Introduces 3-Step Vitality Process for Chiropractic Melbourne Patients

Melbourne, Australia – Oct 24, 2018 – Dr. Ari Diskin, owner of Diskin Life, has developed an innovative approach to health and wellness featuring gentle touch adjustments, integrative chiropractic care, and wellness education. The chiropractor Melbourne is empowering people to live by choice rather than chance through the practice’s 3-Step Vitality Process. Individuals can avail themselves of a free, no-obligation consultation online.

“At Diskin Life, our purpose is to help you to be your best – to feel better, be better and live better!” said Diskin. “Using our 3 Step Vitality Process, we’ll guide you on a journey towards better health and quality of life.”

Diskin Life emphasizes a whole-person approach to wellness in a nurturing, sanctuary-style environment. The chiro Melbourne 3-step approach begins with a life assessment encompassing comprehensive biometric testing. The way an individual feels can change daily, while the testing at Diskin Life provides an accurate and objective view of an individual’s state of health. A variety of factors are considered in the assessment ranging from mental and social to environmental influences.

Utilizing the information obtained during the assessment, the chiropractic professional will employ an integrative chiropractic technique that features gentle, light touch to create nerve system adjustments. The method works to align the spine properly and change the patterns in the body’s nerve system that causes pain, chronic fatigue and can inhibit motion. The wellness chiropractic method fine tunes the body with no forced cracking, popping or manipulation of the spine.

Diskin Life provides individuals with a variety of wellness education presentations, empowering them to maintain their health momentum through specific lifestyle behaviors. The 12 Lifestyle Mastery Presentations and workshops cover topics ranging from energy, exercise and posture to longevity, environmental elements and exercise for body awareness for a healthier, more mindful way of life.

The innovative approach to health and wellness by the award-winning chiropractor Melbourne offers a revolutionary gentle touch method that alleviates pain, facilitates better posture, and improves range of movement. Patients at Diskin Life feel more energetic, experience less pain, and feel less stressed for better quality of life.

About Diskin Life

Diskin Life is a leading world-class Melbourne chiropractic wellness center, led by U.S.-trained Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Ari Diskin, with over 33 years of professional experience. Dr. Diskin is a Fellow of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, CAA and ASRF member, U.S. Doctor of Chiropractic, Healthy Life Doctor™ and a three-time winner of the Chiropractor of the Year Award.

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