has partnered with Joanna Dsouza, an East-Indian housewife from Mumbai

An East-Indian housewife from Kurla, Mumbai – Joanna Dsouza – is very passionate about cooking traditional East Indian food. Now has tied up with her to launch “Joanna’s Authentic East Indian Cuisine (Vol – 1)”, now available on Amazon (Kindle version).

East Indian Cuisine is a mix of Maharashtrian, Portuguese and British techniques and methods, using aromatic spices in food preparations.

According to Joanna, “The sole purpose of this initiative is to share our traditional East Indian cooking preparations with the intent of preserving the East Indian culture and culinary techniques so as to ensure that the same is carried forward to the next generation.”

This Recipe Book details 50 East Indian delicacies & Masalas:

Fish – Bharlela Sarga (Whole Pomfret stuffed with hand chopped green masala), Bagra Cha Ambat (Mackerel fish curry), Prawns Atlela (Prawn curry), Kurli Chi Khudi (Crab curry), Etc…

Meat – Mutton Khudi (Mutton curry made with the famous Bottle Masala), Chicken Moile (Chicken curry), Pork Indiyal (Pork Vindaloo) Etc…

East Indian Bread such as Fugias, Aapas Handmade Rice Rotis, Worias / Waras (deep fried sweetish doughnuts, shaped like Breads) Etc…

Masalas (Bottle Mutton masala, Homemade Fish Masala, Homemade Red Chilli Powder) Etc…

Joanna further adds, “These recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and I sincerely hope that people from across the globe try out some of these traditional recipes and relish our East Indian Cuisine”.

Brief of the East Indian Community –

East Indians are the original residents of BOMBAY (Mumbai). These Original inhabitants used to call the Island of Bombay in their dialect as Mobai and not Mumbai. The area constituting the villages of the East Indian Community are the former seven islands of Bombay given to the British as a dowry by the Portuguese. It included the former island of Salsette (ruled by the Portuguese, till the Marathas defeated them and gifted this to the British), Thana, Bassein (Vasai), Chaul and parts of Raigad.

East Indians were originally Marathi speaking local Fisherman and Farmers. The community adopted the name East Indian on the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, to distinguish themselves as North Konkan Catholics and British subjects, as opposed to immigrants such as Goan Catholics who were Portuguese subjects.

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