“Fame n Glam” is all set to assist famous personalities monetize their fame

“Fame n Glam will launch their service in early November and have a product out for the market to buy by December 2018.”

RGGlobal group owns Fame n Glam, which will assist famous personalities to monetize their fame by branding and selling their own products will launch its service by early November 2018.

This new venture launched by business guru Joseph Kamabni Banda, who is also the owner of RGGlobal group, will help big stars and social media icons create and market their own brands, eventually helping them monetize their presence in various social media platforms including conventional online platforms.

Joseph’s innovative idea will tap into the market of famous celebrities who have a huge following on various social media platforms. With a dedicated team, his new venture will help famous people including social media celebrities to develop, brand and sell their personalized branded products.

Even for celebrities, it is hard to launch and develop a new brand. Realizing this need “Fame n Glam” has brought together the leading experts in the field to be the driving force behind building a strong global brand. In a nutshell,  “Fame n Glam” will act as the muscle behind a successful brand by doing all the background work required for a brand to be successful.

This new venture headed by Chen Shumin has a team of product development and marketing specialists with many years of experience in the business. In their pursuits, “Fame n Glam” is open to the idea of working with both established and rising startups and will begin working with artists interested in make-up line and venture out further into clothing and other related merchandise.

“Fame n Glam” will essentially act as a product development company with manufacturing contracts in China and Europe. However, they will work with socialites from all over the globe.

Getting associated with Fame n Glam is pretty easy through this form. Social Media icons/Celebrities with large social media following can do business with this venture and they can use their following to market the products. In the end, celebrities will be leaving out all the technical work behind any brand to the experts at “Fame n Glam”.

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