Scientific Tradition – A pioneer in Lingzhi Blockchain implementation

Scientific Tradition, a local healthcare product producer, becomes the pioneer to “blockchainize” its flagship Lingzhi products. Dr. Jannie Chan, the founder of Scientific Tradition, noticed the increasing aging problem in Singapore and she reckoned that healthcare products may contribute to the solution. With a rare and new species named Ganoderma tsugae var jannieae from Changbaishan, rich in 74 biologically active compounds as the basis, Scientific Tradition has developed a series of Lingzhi products by integrating modern scientific ideas with the traditional Chinese medicine concept inherited through the family, which has two patents in Singapore. Some of the products were named after the founder Dr. Jannie Chan.

Driven by the high economic value of Lingzhi, the health products market of Lingzhi is rather complex, and has boosted the production of the “fake products” which replace the rare Lingzhi with farmed one. Scientific Tradition has long been troubled by the problem of how to protect their own patented products.

707222129632573024Scientific Tradition Lingzhi healthcare products

Until Scientific Tradition learned about blockchain and the anti-counterfeiting traceability technology in a forum presented by LINFINITY, Dr. Jannie Chan became very interested in the concept of blockchain and LINFINITY’s anti-counterfeiting solution. On May 31, 2018, Scientific Tradition and LINFINITY signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2018, and Dr. Jannie Chan announced that Scientific Tradition was ready to embrace this cutting-edge technology.

862483116702148414LINFINITY signs MOU with Scientific Tradition

In order to understand more about Scientific Tradition’s philosophy and business ecosystem,  LINFINITY conducted a months-long commercial on-the-spot investigation on its products and supply chain management system. Scientific Tradition introduced its enterprise culture and business philosophy to LINFINITY in detail, and displayed how every Lingzhi spore was selected, bred, cultivated and processed. The Lingzhi strains and cultivated logs selected by Scientific Tradition all come from Changbaishan in China. Because the Lingzhi is rare and rather selective about its growing environment, Scientific Tradition has invested and built a Lingzhi plantation regardless of cost, completely simulating the wild Changbaishan environment, including water, temperature, humidity and light intensity, so as to ensure that the cultivated Lingzhi is no different from the wild ones in nutritional composition and efficacy.

In October, LINFINITY’s DApp Beta 1.0 customized for Scientific Tradition was officially launched. In version 1.0, LINFINITY built a decentralized information management system for Scientific Tradition to complete the information uploading process. The system automatically recognizes and divides the product information into three parts: static information (such as product name), dynamic information (such as production date, batch number) and image information (such as product image or video), which are all stored in an Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) database. Meanwhile, all product information is uploaded to the sub-chain of LINFINITY, and a unique QR code is generated for each item uploaded. In the near future, customers can use LINFINITY DApp to scan the QR code on the product package for detailed information.

368290833950473091LINFINITY DApp 1.0

In the next stage, Scientific Tradition will continue to work with LINFINITY to steadily carry out the pilot work of anti-counterfeiting and traceability in combination with AI and IoT technology. The Internet of Things allows multiple trusted devices to connect to and communicate with one another, and Artificial Intelligence ensures reliable input information, which will hand-in-hand further enhance the integration of blockchain and traditional industries, creating a trust bond built by enterprises, businesses and consumers.

447109951824229141LINFINITY DApp login interface

“I think this kind of transparency is very important in all industries, because in the end everyone will want to know whether what they buy is genuine or not. There are too many Lingzhi products on the market today, and it is very hard just to put the products in the store to be consumed. So the cooperation with LINFINITY is very excited, because they have the most advanced blockchain technology to serve customers. So everyone can know exactly what they are buying, and we can also protect our brand and patented products with this advanced technology,” Dr. Jannie Chan, the founder of Scientific Tradition said.

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