Image Science Revamps Optics with State-of-the-Art Optical Testing Equipment

Chalgrove, Oxfordshire – In Chalgrove, one company is re-shaping the optical industry by manufacturing and developing state-of-the-art optical testing equipment. Since 1991, Image Science has dedicated itself to the crafting of optical technology, designing that which could better inspect visible and infra-red lens quality.

The optics industry covers a wide range of equipment and professional needs, from the machines required to test patient eye health at optometry exams to the lenses needed for cinematography. These wide-ranging and varied applications of optical lenses often require manufacturers to seek out specialised services, particularly when it comes to testing their own equipment. Image Science is seeking to streamline the testing end of optical research with their state-of-the-art optical testing equipment.

They offer benches that can measure parameters including but not limited to modulation transfer function (MTF), astigmatism, and chromatic aberration. The MTF testing in particular is perhaps their most highly regarded bench offered, as that measurement is most common and useful in testing and measuring the performance of optical equipment. The benches they offer can be obtained either for research and development applications or for production testing.

They also offer optical testing applications, such as an Augmented Reality Image Waveguide System (ideal for an MTF measurement), a Cinematography Lenses Focus Setting, and a SWIR Lens MTF Test System. These are all available through Image Science themselves and are further proof of the company’s prowess in developing new technology that can prove its efficiency. The entire catalogue of their services can be found on

They also perform to high standards, as exhibited by their affiliated distributors in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Each distributor is also listed alongside their contact information in case any customer or supplier desires to reach out to said distributors to guarantee optimal service.

Image Science readily make themselves available to others for questions, comments, or concerns. They can be contacted directly and in-person at In addition, because many of their clients are overseas, they are also accessible through their website. Their availability ensures their reliability to their clientele and guarantees that every customer receives the details that they seek out.

Client satisfaction is vital to the functionality of Image Science, and that is exemplified in the state-of-the-art optical testing equipment that they produce. Through their technological innovations, Image Science is re-shaping how optical performance is measured.

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