Feel Like a Real Cheshire Housewife with Pampering and Beauty Services That Come to customer’s homes

Imagine telling family and friends that you have your very own beauty expert that visits your home. Well, now you can thanks to a beauty company that offers beauty and pampering services at home to make people feel like a Real Cheshire Housewife. The service has been launched by Instabeauty and is affordable for all budgets.

The Real Housewives which was first aired in January 2015 shows how the rich and famous live, with fast cars, posh holidays, and beauty and pampering experts visiting their home. Now, thanks to Instabeauty, women all over the UK can become a Real Cheshire Housewife and have a beauty makeover in their own home without the celebrity price tag.

The days of where celebrities and the rich and famous could only afford to have beauty and pampering experts visit their home for massages, hair and makeup are long gone. Now, anyone can afford to have beauty pampering services within their home thanks to a few quick swipes and clicks on the Instabeauty app.

This app is very easy to use and allows people to put in their post code and search for Massage services, Hair and beauty, and nail experts within their area. Once the customer has chosen what service or services they require, the app then sends out the expert or team of experts to their home. All the experts have been handpicked for their quality service and professional approach. Each customer is treated like a celebrity, making the service even more special.

When asked to explain more about the service, a spokeswoman for Instabeauty said: “Our service aims to help women all over the weekend feel special. Imagine, telling family and friends that you have your very own beauty expert who comes to your home. But not just that. Imagine, your beauty expert who is doing your nails or hair today could have been providing a makeover for a celebrity yesterday.”

This service is going to change the way people have their hair and makeup done. No longer do women have to visit their high street to visit a beauty salon. Now, they can have a pampering and makeover service at a time that suits them.

For people wishing to feel like a Real Cheshire Housewife, or to feel like a celebrity for the day, please visit https://www.instabeauty.co.uk

About Instabeauty

Instabeauty is a Mobile Beauty service. Providing various beauty treatments to your door step, whether it’s a home, office, co-operative events or special occasions… Insta beauty arrive fully equipped all you need is to sit back, relax and let our professional beauty therapists do their magic.

Notes to the editor:

Interested parties are more than welcome to try out the service free of charge as part of a review or feature.

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