UOS will create a new era of blockchain application platform

UOS, Ultimate Operating System, is a blockchain 4.0 public chain platform, based on the blockchain’s next-generation de-neutralized system operation platform, adopting a new blockchain architecture, dedicated to easy-to-use, high-performance, free services. The blockchain platform is a blockchain system architecture platform that satisfies real-world application requirements and practical and wide application scenarios.

Profile: Logan Olson, UOS co-founder & CEO, leader in VR, current UOS CEO, responsible for technical support for UOS business model design and strategic decision making, building a digital monitoring system for products and operations, and utilizing itself The international background helps UOS complete overseas promotion work.

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Lu Jin, the host of China’s CCTV, on UOS founder Logan Olson:

Lu Jin: Hello OLSON, I am very glad that you can accept my interview during your busy schedule. I am very happy to meet you.

Olson: Thank you, I am very happy to talk to you about what I am doing now. My team and I are very excited every day because we all feel that we are making history.

Lu Jin: We know that you have done very successful in the previous field, so you are curious about what you originally did, and decided to do the UOS public chain. How is it different from other public chains?

Olson: Since the computer came out, the first generation of information Internet has made human information interconnected and created the huge information Internet ecology. The emergence of blockchain actually marks the emergence of greater opportunities for human beings: the value of the Internet.

UOS is committed to being the forerunner of the value Internet and has become a blockchain domain similar to Microsoft Windows.

Now the more famous public chain system Ethereum, the handling fee is too high, and the transaction speed is relatively slow; EOS is too complicated to use. And they all have security problems together. The emergence of UOS can solve the shortcomings of the existing public chain, and create a more versatile and simpler system, which is more convenient for DAPP creators.

Lu Jin: It sounds like a great career! We all know that the blockchain project technology is one aspect, and the operation of the community is a big difficulty. What are you going to do?

Olson: Good question, first of all, based on my influence in the VR field, it is not difficult to get a seed user. The members of our team have certain influence and appeal in their respective fields. Therefore, it is expected that with the media reports, it is not difficult for our community to reach 10,000 people. For example, the number of Twitter fans is more representative. It will be over 10,000 soon, just wait and see.

Lu Jin: I am really looking forward to it. I seem to have seen the rise of UOS. For the newcomers to the public chain, how do you evaluate V God.

Olson: Ethereum is of course a great project. V God is also a creative person. However, after the emergence of UOS, the era of Ethereum may be over, but it is still here to pay tribute to V God because he really does Development has contributed.

Lu Jin: How do you see the plagiarism of the currency circle?

Olson: I think in this field, the idea and the white paper itself are not very valuable. The core is to make it and to do it at the commercial level. I think that the Internet has been so successful for a decade or so. To a large extent, we have implemented this relatively thoroughly. For example, Facebook has done a lot later than OICQ, but it has become a communication software used by a generation. Mode and architecture are not the core competitive advantages of a team. The core competitive advantage is to do a good job of the product and carry it very well.

Lu Jin: For thousands of years, our ability to solve technology and engineering is changing with each passing day. However, in terms of system and rule design, it seems that only the community management of virtual online games is making strenuous innovation attempts. Some people say that human wisdom has not made much progress. Do you agree with this view?

Olson: Very deep observation. I believe this may reflect that human civilization will enter the virtual economy of the future. The political systems you mentioned, we used to call ideology. In the past century, we have seen tremendous struggles between different ideologies, and we seem to lack the ability to cooperate more rationally and peacefully in this ideological competition. Therefore, we hope that together we will have a bright future, and the future virtual world can provide a more peaceful and fair arena. Indeed, it seems to be the case, but we have made some progress, and now we are exploring lower costs and less destructive. From the point of view of the virtual economy, the difficulty factor for the establishment and exploration of all things is reduced by orders of magnitude, not only cities and cultures, but also governance systems and political systems.

Lu Jin: Some insiders believe that the blockchain technology was originally initiated by a group of liberal liberal Austrian economics scholars and IT practitioners. It was built and promoted by a group of top programmers, hackers, math geniuses, cryptographers and others. Social experiment. The practice of the blockchain industry has also promoted the progress of economic research. What changes do you think the blockchain will bring to the economics community?

Olson: I think one thing we have already thought of is that money can be completely virtual. At first it is not necessarily a commodity. In this sense, the use of money itself is also valuable.

Lu Jin: The new side chain, sub-chain, cross-chain, layering, fragmentation, zoning and other technologies will be realized in 2019, and the main network will go online. These new technologies are on the line, large-scale commercial blockchain. The premise of the application. Will the 2019 meeting be the key year for the realization of public chain technology? What is the sign of the maturity of the public chain technology?

Olson: Maybe, this is why VEE is busy joining this trend. However, I think this industry will continue to evolve, and this technology will still have a huge room for development in the future.

Lu Jin: According to the data of ONE.TOP LABS, the total number of DApps in the world has reached 1,844, and the number of daily active users has reached 15,930. The total attention has exceeded 200,000. According to the DAppradar website, the current DApps on the Ethereum and EOS platforms are basically in the category of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and games. Among them, the most active DApp on the Ethereum platform is IDEX. The number of daily users is 1942; the most active DApp on the EOS platform is EOS Knights, with 886 daily users. What do you think is the dilemma that makes DApp so active? After the fall, where will DAPP go?

Olson: This is just the beginning. The main reason is that the existing public chain is not costly or too complicated to use. The UOS system has already designed a solution for these two problems.

Lu Jin: Thank you for sharing, looking forward to UOS, looking forward to your new history in new areas.

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