Huizhou Shengyang Industrial Co., Ltd Stresses upon Using Automatic Welding Machine to Avoid Leakage Of Hazardous Chemicals & Gases In Different Industries

In the chemical industry, Automatic Welding Machines must be used for a perfect welding of joints of pipes to avoid leakage of hazardous gases and chemicals.

In many industries, a flawless welding of different metallic components is an essential requirement that cannot be overlooked. For example, in chemical industries, an imperfect welding of pipes or joints may result into the leakage of gases or chemical which could be extremely hazardous to people’s lives. In order to avoid such unfortunate incidences, China based Huizhou Shengyang Industrial Co., Ltd recommends using Automatic Welding Machines that are perfect for complex and large-size welding of pipes and fixtures.

 Huizhou Shengyang Industrial Co., Ltd Stresses upon Using Automatic Welding Machine to Avoid Leakage Of Hazardous Chemicals & Gases In Different Industries

According to the company spokesperson, their Automatic Welding Machine is designed with outstanding features to ensure the best performance in any industrial setup. The machine is very cost-effective and is easy to learn and use for welding purposes. In place of a manual welding, one can use these welding machines to carry out the welding task with more ease and efficiency. More importantly, the machine could be more suitable for the welding of openings of large pipes, which could be a tedious and time-consuming task, if performed manually. The welding machine is also ideal for an unmanned operation and can be ideal for using in accident-prone circumstances which could be lethal for human beings.

Besides automatic welding machines, the company also has the specialty of designing the Automatic Screw Locking Machine, which is ideal for locking of the screws in difficult and inaccessible spaces of a device. The machine makes it possible to lock screws of all shapes and sizes. The intelligent vacuum suction technique can handle all types of screws and guide them to their proper holes. According to the company spokesperson, the screw locking machine has a decimal chance of failure and is far more capable in locking screws in difficult to reach spaces. The machine can place and tight screws along multiple axes and can accomplish the task in a time-saving manner and with a greater degree of accuracy. The machine can run at a significant speed of 500mm/s and can keep locking screws at a great speed.

The spokesperson maintains that the screw locking machine’s efficiency increases with the high speed screw feeding. With an automatic feeding mechanism, the machine keeps locking screws without taking a rest and it hardly needs a manual supervision.  The machine can operate in the XYZ locking range and its Z module has a significantly large locking range to cover a large area of a device. One can place devices of different sizes on the machine for an automatic locking of different screws. The machine also features an alarm, which alerts after each screw locking and also ensures a precise locking of each screw.

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