The Open Beta of TBL Bottom Network Officially Started and the CEO of the Co proper Foundation Released Important News

Witnessed by several media, Mr. Howard, the CEO of Co Prosper Foundation, released the project that the foundation mainly supported recently: the bottom commercial block-chain TBL network. He also briefly elaborated the development program for the foundation and the prospect of the application of the bottom commercial block-chain TBL network for these media and friends of various circles at this conference. Here is a video clip of Howard’s interview after the conference.

Reporter: Mr. Howard, can you give us a brief introduction to TBL?

Howard: Hello, everyone, I am Howard, the CEO of CP Foundation, responsible for releasing news and managing project docking. It’s a great pleasure to introduce our foundation and the bottom block-chain TBL network that our foundation now supports.

Reporter: So can you introduce CP Fund to us? What are the features of CP Fund? What about its subordinate teams?

Howard: The full name of CP Foundation is Co Proper Foundation. We are a professional fund organization specializing in value investment, as well as a fund team comprised of elites from banking and financial industries from various countries. All our members are from globally renowned banks such as AMRO Bank, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley Bank, etc. and have years of experience in finance and fund management.

Reporter: What are the main areas for CP Fund’s investment?

Howard: In 2016 we started to transfer our investment targets into the block-chain industry. At present we have successfully participated in the operation of many projects including btc, eth, etc, Ripple and so on.

Reporter: Can you tell us how the cooperation between CP Fund and the technical team of TBL was established and the opportunities for your cooperation?

Howard: We are honored to serve as a cooperative agency for this bottom public-chain TBL network. TBL is the base for the next generation of the Internet of value. It is the most advanced bottom block-chain network in the e-commerce sector on the market today and is the third epoch-making public-chain after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Reporter: So what functions do the bottom block-chain TBL network have now?

Howard: For the moment, our TBL network has been able to support the releasing of Token and the establishing of DAPP the blocking e-commerce mall, etc.

Is TBL the base for the next generation of the Internet of value?

TBL is the bottom base-chain and protocol of the next generation of block-chain Internet of value, a main chain which focuses on e-commerce circulation, as well as the third epoch-making public-chain network after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Based on five dimensions, i.e., the subject of the issue, basic users, physical benchmarking, circulation of value, application scenarios, TBL is designed to realize three main links:

Chain-to-chain link based on the main chain of TBL.

The connection between each chain and the main chain of TBL.

The connection between the TBL network, offline entities, entities and physical stores.

TBL combines such two trend changes as block-chain and new retail:

TBL has built a foundational public-chain platform which is transparent and receivable through the innovative application of the features of block-chain,

TBL has realized the resource aggregation and value circulation for businesses in various forms.

TBL network applies block-chain in e-commerce in an innovative manner.

TBL has built a business alliance on ecological trade by access solutions of three different levels including sales alliance, the exchange of passports and the integration of business sub-chain.

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