Detroit, MI – The goal of local businesses is to get more customers to visit their shop and make purchases. In view of this, they use sales promotions like coupons, specials, and many others to entice customers to make a purchase. These messages are often sent via print and electronic media. ISight Media has an advanced way for local businesses to attract more customers through an app resident on all Android phones named Nearby and the Physical Web app for  IOS.

The mobile marketing industry has been growing steadily. Website visits and social media penetration has been soaring steadily as a result of people using smartphones. The growth in the digital world has actually been driven by the mobile market. But how can local businesses leverage the mobile phone to directly market their offers to customers nearby? Google introduces Nearby Notifications & the Physical Web.

On all modern Android phones there is an app, Nearby which connects the dots between the digital world and the physical world. By sending engaging content to customers’, businesses are able to drive traction and eventually make people buy products and services. Nearby scans the Google Play service for nearby smart beacons. When a smartphone is detected a long range smart beacon broadcast and leaves a message on the notification bar when a customer gets nearby a shop. Since customers are near the shop, they are more likely to make purchases.

For an Android user to receive Nearby Notifications requires Bluetooth and location on. At the same time, ISight Media installs one of their Low Bluetooth Energy (BLE) smart beacons to the business’s location, design advertising listing, and activates the destination link into the smart device. Nearby notifications are then sent to users—that are nearby the shop. The user then opens the notification, clicks the URL, and gets redirected to the business’ broadcasted content.

“Our long range 1000m smart beacons allow for 10 url campaigns and can broadcast ibeacon, URL & UID simultaneously. Think of marketing & sales opportunities for a local merchant,” says Clarence Murphy, the spokesperson of the company.

Nearby Notifications removes the printing of coupons and expensive mailers, removes the cost of developing a new branded app while giving local merchants to ability to suggest upsells to improve sales. The notification campaign can broadcasts different offers based on the time of the day, Android only offers, security from phishing and link spoofing  and also can be scaled anytime. This means more customers and sales for local businesses.

Nearby Notifications is helping many businesses send mobile messages to customers, engaging them and driving sales. Businesses only need a one-time installation, after which advertisement listing would be developed and sent periodically, daily to promote and market the business to the local customers. Contact ISight Media for more information, inquiries, and installations.

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