New book to examine “the Not-So-Silent Killer:” Chronic inflammation, and how to treat it

A new book, written by Dr. Mina Botros, D.C., will explain the dangers of chronic inflammation, how to identify if you are suffering from it, and, most importantly, how to treat it naturally.

“Chronic Inflammation: The Not-So-Silent Killer” will detail practical ways to make the appropriate healthy lifestyle modifications, psychological habits, nutrition, supplementation, and much more, to empower readers to live the healthiest life they can.

Botros was recognized in 2018 as one of the “leading physicians of the world” and Top Doctor in his field by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals. A holistic doctor, he is both state and nationally board certified.

Botros has the information in the book help countless people, and the book will allow him to reach those who aren’t able to visit his Milwaukee, Wisconsin-area clinic. “Chronic Inflammation” is written for the general public in an easy-to-understand style – no medical background is needed.

But Botros said, it is also a book aimed at doctors who are willing to try something that has worked so well for him in his own practice.

“I want to distribute this information to other doctors, so they can have the tools to naturally help their patients, too,” Botros said. “I want to raise the public health understanding of why we are sicker than ever, so people can make the appropriate lifestyle modifications earlier.”

His treatment philosophy is simple: he doesn’t want to be a doctor that treats the problem after it’s too late. Instead, Botros wants to detect the root cause of an issue as soon as it manifests, and treat it. He understands that prevention is much more effective than curing a problem. And he’s found that his holistic approach helps people feel better, get healthier, and find positive results without drugs or surgery.

“Chronic Inflammation: The Not-So-Silent Killer” is expected to be published this fall.

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