Fogg Vape Disposable Pods Introduce Refreshing Fruity Flavors to Vape and Quit in Style

Tasty flavors make vaping the ultimate fun, and Fogg Vape is pleased to introduce its tasty fruit flavors that ace any other found in the market.  Fogg Vape has launched new vape pods that are streamlined, look attractive in black and carry a sleek and smart appearance, just the right match for disposable pod devices.

Fogg Vape flavors range from bold berry and gratifying grape to refreshing watermelon. Those who cherish new vaping flavors, but still remember the classic tobacco flavor will also find them at Fogg Vape, including the smooth, traditional cigarette to the bold and inclusive flavors of robust cigars. 

Buying the new Fogg Vape package brings 3 pods carrying the flavors that are preferred by everyone. The pods contain standard 5% nicotine, and deliver the needed rush of nicotine fulfillment. There is everything in them that smokers will love, and no excessive harshness created in the throat like other products.

Don’t forget about the taste, for once you take one pull from a Fogg Vape pod, you’ll never look back or miss the harsh, throat-hitting flavor of traditional cigarettes,” says a spokesperson from Fogg Vape.

Fogg pods will be welcomed by former cigarette smokers, as each pod is equivalent to approximately 20 cigarettes! This alone makes them a great deal for the money. Other reasons make them irresistible. Each Fogg Vape pod can produce 300 puffs (depending on how frequently the device is used). Certainly, they make for a far more economical option than traditional cigarettes.

Apart from delivering refreshing fruity flavors and a great bang for the bucks, Fogg Vape is the disposable pot device designed to ‘quit smoking, start fogging’. Fogg pods are available both at retail as well as at wholesale stores.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For 21 and over only. Underage sale prohibited.

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