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A dog collar isn’t just a product we buy from online stores. A good, perfectly matched collar can make a world of difference to our favorite pet’s comfort and the precious moments we spend with them. But how does one go about buying this ‘perfect’ dog collar? DogTelligent, the newly launched blog for insightful reviews, tips and advice on buying dog collars, offers the answers.

It’s a common experience to see newly bought dog collars get worn or broken just within a month. Add to it the presence of a dog collar that does not actually match with a dog’s specific situation, like a dog that itches a lot, or a whiny one (this one needs a spray bark collar).

Unfortunately, there are several websites devoted to profiling and discussing the ‘best’ dog collars around, but none that focus on what collars are best for a given pet’s situation, size or personality. The online dog community too lacks this valuable information, which became a precursor for the launch of DogTelligent.

DogTelligent is the creation of Brain Hamer, a resident of San Francisco, who owns two incredible dogs. Brain Hamer has also helped foster numerous rescue dogs.

As somebody who has been around dogs my whole life, I’ve seen all types of collars being used. From standard leather collars to shock collars. I’ve had small dogs and massive dogs such as a Saint Bernard. I’ve had stubborn and shy dogs. I’ve been where you’re at and can offer you some guidance about how to handle buying your dog’s next collar,” says Brain Hamer.

DogTelligent aims to become the online authority on all topics related to dog collars. The site will offer product reviews, tips and tricks for using dog collars, how a given product fits a dog, as well as a point of view that comes from a fellow dog owner. More than that, this blog narrates everything in a fun and conversational tone that any dog lover will relate to.

While dog owners and lovers get overwhelmed with information, DogTelligent knows people already know a lot of stuff that comes with marketing. Instead, the dog collar site shares personal and expert knowledge to help others search for their perfect dog collar, and what works and what doesn’t.

DogTelligent is for everyone who has faced common challenges while buying dog collars for their extraordinary pet. Here, pet lovers will find what will make their dog extra happy and contented on those lazy Sunday afternoons. That’s reason enough to pay a visit to DogTelligent.

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