Why is SPG leading the era of blockchain 4.0?

As a new generation of public chain, super gold(hereinafter referred to as SPG)has become a landmark project leading the are of blockchain 4.0. This is mainly due to SPG exclusive advantages in core technologies.

The technical ecological advantage of super gold is reflected in two aspects: 1. Cryptocurrency wallets are universal.SPG can effectively circulate、complete payment、be transaction、draw money and other functions among any public chain cryptocurrency wallet through SPG cross-chain agreement,and truly achieve cross-chain and cross-border transactions. In the meantime, SPG has block alerts for any cryptocurrency wallet. 2. More reasonable Gas fee. Although the SPG adopts the classic algorithm proof of work Ethash, Gas fee is stable in a reasonable range and block congestion was eased due to the separation of block verification and block packaging, which makes block congestion relieved. 

Because of these two advantages, SPG can stand out from thousands of blockchain projects and become the integrator, settler and promoter of blockchain 4.0 era.

The super gold hides an amazing ecological plan

Since its birth, super gold has thrived amid praise and controversy, and has been followed and trusted by a large number of users. From the original issuance of the project to the upcoming launch of major exchanges, super gold has been favored by professional investment institutions, individuals and blockchain professionals in the long term. The point is that super gold is not only token, but an ambitious, industrially diversified eco-plan that underpins its true future value.

SPG super gold is created by BST group of Laos, which is one of the ten ecological plans of BST group of Laos in the future. BST ecological planning mainly covers the cryptocurrency BST, SPG (super gold), finance media, Laos cryptocurrency exchange (LAEX), International cross-border e-commerce platform (chain life), project incubation, mining, Laos blockchain foundation, Laos blockchain technology application research institute and Laos silicon valley. The ten ecological plans are interdependent with each other, and they can grow and prosper together. In the end, they will build a complete, prosperous, healthy and sustainable BST development ecology.

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